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Schedule change & Swimfo March 19th


The short course season is winding down and we’re coming up to spring break.  There have been some adjustments the last few weeks and I have fielded some questions on where the coaches have been.  We’ve been a little short staffed due to coaches out for personal matters so your swimmer may not see their normal coach on the deck.  Coach Josh is covering Molalla practices and at OC we’ve received some help from Sidney and Makenzie Chan-Orcutt (who also coached with us for summer-rec swim team), Amber Craver, and Kirsti Golgotiu.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  We just want to let you know that your swimmers are in good hands.

Schedule Adjustments:

  1. There will be NO Late Race, Sprint, Fitness or Explore DRYLAND for the rest of the week. We’ll still do Warm-up to swim with the Race, Train, and Perform crew.

Quick Hits:

  1. We'll get evaluations and Group Assignments out for swimmers by the end of this week.  Apologizes for the delays we just ran into some unforseen circumstances these last couple weeks.  If the swimmers wants to change groups they will start their recommended group on Monday, April 1st.
  2. Please take your gear bag home for spring break.  We are going to go through and organize the equipment room some and eliminate gear bags of athletes that are no longer with the team.
  3. Fitter Faster Swim Clinic on April 6th& 7that the Parkrose Pool. Saturday Afternoon or Evening: Starts, UW’s and Breakouts.  Sunday Morning or Midday: Butterfly and Backstroke.  Feel free to sign up   here.  
  4. We're going to be doing team Stroke & Turn Clinics at the OC pool 9:20 – 10:50 on Saturdays April 6th(Breastroke & Open turns), 13th(Freestyle & Flip turns) & 20th(Butterfly & Backstroke). 
  5. Key DATES:   
    • April 3rd– Swim-A-Thon letter writing day.  Bring 10 addresses (doctors, businesses, family and friends) address those envelopes and get some ice cream afterwards!
    • April 22nd– Board meeting at OC Pool 6:00 – 7:00  
    • April 27th- Swim-A-Thon.   
    • July 30th  - Team awards.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding anything.  You can check out the Long course meet schedule here.  I’m going to get the summer schedule out as soon as I can as well.


Coach Matt