spring break and a few other things


Spring Break Updates

  • March 21-(tonite) Last day for practice for all groups. No dryland tonite for any groups.
  • April 1 –back to normal schedule.  If you make any changes to your programming, you must do it a month in advance, as our YMCA policy states
  • Look for summer schedule out soon and I will work on Summer meets soon as well.(tentative first meet is in Rockford on May 11th)
  • Saturday April 6th- is our banquet at the GTYC 4:30 pm -8:30 pm Please sign up for main dishes, like mac and cheese, or other meals (you can bring sliders, mini subs etc….) this is how we feed our entire team (…remember they are growing swimmers!)
  • There are spots for cheese, fruit, salads and vegies. Please fill these spots too.
  • We have dessert taken care of, (cookie cake like last year)
  • Please make sure that you also RSVP (coming soon on the site) as I need to get a head count for the event to the Yacht Club.
  • Decorations: I could use some help  if anyone wants to help as I have some fun ideas.

State meet folks and Zone folks! We are in the RECORD EAGLE -front page of Sports section today! Brett Sommers, sports editor, printed all our results that I had sent and put on his personal touches. 

  • Please note, I try to get everyone in the paper at least once, especially at big meets, but usually I will only list results to where the swimmer has scored points, individually or on relays, in this case, up to 16th place for YMCA states.  For Y Zones, due to the enormity of the meet, I Iisted participants in relays and individuals who qualified. 
  • There is a method to my madness and if I ever leave anyone out -it is not on purpose, obviously.  If there is a parent who would like to help out, you would need to frequently travel and also be able to naviagate the meet mobile app to pull all results efficiently. We could work in tandem and do some checks and balances.

If you are traveling during break, please be safe and have fun!! See you on the 1st!!

Go Breakers!!!