Meet Recap: RW Finale

Alyssa Tieman
Alyssa had a great meet! She was having fun, staying warm, and ready to race! She did well in all her events. I had fun watching her swim the 25 fly in which she dropped time in and earned herself a duck for winning the heat! Great job Lil’ Tieman! Keep it up!

William Ward
Will had a great meet as well. He dropped time in ALL of his event. He has been working hard at practices and is always willing to swim fast! Way to go Will! Excited to watch you race again!

Juliet Hemstreet
Juliet Had a great meet! She has been working hard in practice and it showed! She had a great 50 and 100 freestyle! Keep up the good work Juliet!



Great job to our 5 swimmers that competed in our Championship meet.

Adelei Mosteller: Finished 6th in the 50 and also 6th in the 50 back with a 1 second drop. Adelei was also thrilled to be part of her first relay where they won the 200 free relay for the 7-8 year olds!

Abbi Davies: Abbi has been working hard on everything and it showed. She had a 1.5 second drop in her 50 free and dropped 2 seconds in the 50 breast. Her first time swimming the 100 breast she had a great finish time and also placed 2nd. Abbi also placed 3rd in the 100 IM. Great job!

Annie Coyne: Annie had some awesome swims including a big 3 second drop in her 50 free and 11 seconds in the 100 free. Annie also finished 8th in the 50 breast, her favorite stroke after swimming it the first time.

Brooke Miller: Brooke had a solid first 50 free swimming 36.9 and a nice 3 second drop in the 100 free. She dropped 2 seconds in her 50 back and finished with a 47 in the 50 fly swimming it for the first time.

Wyatt Neitz: Wyatt had a blazing 50 free going 40.6 for the first time swimming it and also finished 8th in the 100 free going 1.28. Wyatt also had an impressive 50 back where he finished 6th.


Aiden Worthington

This was Aidens first meet in the beach 2 group and he did great! Aiden showed up to race and Dropping time in some of his events. There was a few swims he swam for the first time and earned him times he can work with in the future! Overall a Great meet for Aiden and I can’t wait to see him race again!

Wren Wical

Wren ,as usual, Showed up to the meet ready to race, and full of team spirit. Wren dropped time and did well in most of her events. An event that stood out to me the most was her 100 freestyle. Taking little things we’ve worked on in practice and doing it at the swim meet, helped her dropped a whopping 12 seconds in the 100 freestyle. Keep up the good work Wren!

Kayla Sun
Kayla had herself another great meet. Although the weather did not cooperate, she stayed warm, ready to race. She had some great swims. One swim that stood out the most was her 50 Breastroke, in which she dropped 3 seconds in!

Ashley Plummer

Ashley had herself a great meet. She dropped time in almost all her events. But what was even more important was that Ashley did the little things we work on in practice and utilized it in her races. Great job ashley, keep working hard and keep up the great effort.

Jaden Morse

Jadens first meet as part of the beach groups was phenomenal. He did not only swim his events but he raced them also! A swim that stood out to me the most was his 50 backstroke! Not only did he drop time in that event, But he earned himself his first blue time! God Work Jaden!

Hannah Khoddam

Hannah did well at this meet. She dropped times in a few events she swam. The events she didn’t drop time in, the effort was still seen. She did things we’ve been working on, for example, not breathing from flags into the wall and doing sub kicks. Now we just need to keep working hard and keep working on the little things! Good work Hannah! Keep up the effort!

Armand Khchirian
Like Jaden and Aiden, This was also Armands first swim meet in the beach groups! Armand Came in ready to race, and it showed! A swim that stood out to me the most was his 50 free! Coming into the meet with a no time and leaving with a red time! The 50 was a good one for him! Keep it up Armand, Ready to watch you race again!

Alex Cutsail
Alex had a great meet! Alex has been working hard and it showed.  Alex dropped time in ALL of his events he swam. This was an eye opener for alex, Showing him that if he keeps up the good work, the times will follow! Keep it up alex!

Talia Cistone
Talia was very energetic for this meet. She wanted to race, And no matter how cold or rainy it was, She had a smile on her face, ready to go. Talia Dropped time in ALL of her events! She has been working really hard and it is showing! Keep it up Lil T!

Kaylee Bond
Kaylee, like Some of the others, Had her first meet in the beach groups! She dropped time in a few of her events. One race that stood out the most was her 50 free! Keep up the good work kaylee!


Emma Gallagher-Emma achieved best times in all four events that she swam.  She even swam the 100 Fly for the first time!  She dropped more than 14 seconds in her other three events, dropping over eight in her 100 IM and over four seconds in her 50 breaststroke.  She achieved two more Red times in her 50 backstroke and 50 breaststroke.  Way to go Emma!!

Bella Tieman-Bella also achieved best times in all four of her events.  She dropped over 10 seconds across her four events.  Her biggest time drop also came in her 100 IM, where she dropped over six seconds.  She was able to achieve three more Red times in her 100 IM, 50 breaststroke, and 50 free, and just missed a Red time in her 100 backstroke.  Great job Bella!!


Presley Miles: coming in with several NT Presley placed 14th in the 50 free, and a staggering 15 second drop in her 100 free

Aiden Barrett: coming in with a NT Aiden placed 13th in the 100 free despite a goggle malfunction, and a 3 second drop in the 200 free

Leah Torrence: An amazing job at the 50 free dropping a whole 3 seconds, 11 second drop in the 100 free, a 7 second drop in the 50 backstroke, and a 4th place finish for the 200 free relay

Megan Charan: A solid 2 second drop in her 100yrd free, a 7th place finish from a NT in the 50 back, and again with a NT placing 6th in the 50 fly.

Sebastiano Bystedt: strong 7 second drop in the 50 free, another 11 second drop in the 200 free, 10th in the 100 back despite coming in with a NT, a 12 second drop to take 7th in the 100 breaststroke 


Polina Paumier: A solid 10th place finish in her 100 yard free, a 6th place finish in her 100 Back,  a great 2 second drop placing her 9th in the 100 breaststroke a 5th place finish and 1 second drop in the 100 fly

Brianna Davis: coming in quick with a NT Brianna placed 1st in both the 50 free as well as the 100 free dropping a total 8 seconds. A strong race against fellow Senior 1 swimmer Annalise just being out touched to take the 2nd place in the 100 Back

Annalise Chae: Second place in the 200 free, a great battle against Brianna in the 100 Back just outouching to take first in the event.

Josh Truong: despite adding a little bit of time Josh takes 3rd in the 50 Back as well as the 50 breaststroke, a 2 second drop to take first place in the 100 breaststroke.

Buddy Hassan: An entire 11 second drop in the 200 free to take 2nd, a 4 second drop in the 50 breaststroke taking 1st place, 9 second drop to take 2nd in the 100 breaststroke, a 14 second drop in the 200IM placing him 4th