Senior I& II Update


 I hope this note finds everyone doing well and had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

I would like to thank those that have taken the time to reach to me following my eye surgery. The emails, text message and house visits have meant a great deal. And the food! Mega thanks.  I am truly fortunate to know so many wonderful people.  

The recovery has been slow but steady.  Each day my sight improves and feel very positive about my doctors visit on Tuesday.

We have a some practice adjustments for this week.  The Y National and Zone swimmers will be the only ones practicing this week.  There will be regular Monday AM practice, the afternoons are the same time and Wednesday AM still to be determined.

Lastly, an enormous thank you to Kristen, Rob and Omar who have overseen the practices this past week.  We truly have the BEST coaching staff and they have proven that day in and day out.  

I look forward to being back on the pool.

Please share this email with your swimmer(s) as I know I did not get all of the swimmers on this email.