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Information On Modifications To The Pre-Competitive Program

After a lengthy evaluation of our pre-competitive program we have identified a significant area for improvement to help improve the core flow of swimming program.

Starting April 8th we modify the naming structure of our pre-competitive program and introduce a third level to our pre-competitive program.

In terms of the naming structure of our pre-competitive program, we will now refer to our pre-competitive program as 'Lil Legends' and within the Lil Legends programming will be three levels.

1. Lil Legends - Swim School

Swim School has been offered for the last year and a half out of the Paul Reynolds facility and offers 2 practices per week with 30 minutes per session.  This program has graduated over 15 swimmers to the next level of our club over the last year and a half.  We view this program as a success and will continue to offer Lil Legends Swim School.

2. Lil Legends - Fundamentals

Lil Legends - Fundamentals is the level of pre-competitive that most our members are familiar with as the program that offers 2 practices per week with 45 minutes per session out of the Aquarena and Paul Reynolds.  We have witnessed this program grow from approximately 25 swimmers two years ago to 75 swimmers today.

With the significant growth of participation in this program it became challenging to identify the most prepared swimmers to move forward into our competitive program with so many swimmers across two facilities.

The solution is a program we are excited to launch as a pilot program in April 2019...

3. Lil Legends - Competition Preparation (Comp Prep)

Lil Legends - Comp Prep will offer 3 practices per week with 1 hour per session.  Practices will run out of the Aquarena and will be coached by Olivia Osmond.

Tuesday PM... 3:30-4:30
Thursday PM... 3:30-4:30
Saturday AM... 6:30-7:30

The Legends coaching staff has identified a roster of swimmers from our Lil Legends - Fundamentals program that will be invited to move up to the Lil Legends - Comp Prep group this week.

Information sessions regarding the Lil Legends program were held last week and the information sheet handout from those session is available HERE.

Additional questions about the modifications being made to our Lil Legends programs can be sent to the office.