Behind the Blocks - Megan Bowen

Meet Megan Bowen!

Megan Bowen likes helping East Carolina Aquatics in any way she can.

That often means being nimble, and sometimes doing more than one volunteer job at a swim meet.

“I recognize how much work it takes to make things happen, whether it is swimming or anything else,” Megan said. “I just enjoy helping depending on what is needed most.”

Megan’s daughter, Madison, began swimming with ECA in 2014. Megan and her husband, Joey, have been involved since. “Swimming is very important to my daughter, so I want to be a part of that.”

She enjoys the time spent with her swim family.

“Most days we feel like our lives revolve around swim between practices and meets, and we LOVE that,” Bowen said. “We have made great friends through swimming since we spend so much time with the swimmers and their families.”

Off deck, Megan is the business administrator for a construction company in Morehead City. She also serves on the ministry council at Emerald Isle Baptist Church, where she teaches children’s church and helps in the nursery.