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Vaca Waves kick it up a notch at JO'S

2019 SNS 14 & UNDER SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS…….I still think of this meet as JO’s.

Waves did fantastic today… just keeps getting better and better.

- We had a JO Champion today (Jag Dewit), We had an 11-12 girls relay team place 8th(Tati, Amelia, Mia and Elizabeth), We had a first time Far Western qualifier (Allesandra Comier), We had someone drop 20 seconds in the 400 IM (Mia Cruz), We had an athlete drop 45 seconds in the 1000 free (Richard Lin), We had a swimmer make SWAGR in the 100 back (Tati Zagata), we had some 1st time ever JO swimmers  (Elizabeth Dibbs-Islas and Andrew Craig)


Here is how it went:

TATI Z.                      best times in 100 free / 100 back 10th (SWAGR)

EMILY M.                    best times in two “off-events” 100 free / 100 back

RICHARD LIN            best times in 50 fly / 1000 free 3rd (:45 second drop)

EMMA G.                   best time 400 IM

AMELIA D.                 best time 400 IM (dropped :20 seconds)

ELIZABETH D.          11-12 GIRLS 400 MEDLEY RELAY 8TH PLACE (swam the 100 free leg)

JAG JUST DO IT        best times in 200 free 3rd / 100 fly 1st / 100 breast 2nd

MIA C.                         best times in 400 IM 9th  (:23 second drop)  / 100 back

ANDREW C.                200 free 13th place

ALLESANDRA C.      best times in 50 back 5th *FW cut, 1st ever / 100 breast

ALEX B.                      best times in two “off events” 100 free / 100 back




Another great day for the WAVES!!!

     -More best times and tough swimming……..

***Dominic Rivera and Michael Maggiore (not competing) both came out during prelims to support the TEAM……very cool

***Coach Grace and Logan popped into finals tonight…....sweet


***THANK YOU, CHARMAINE LEE for assisting the TEAM last minute…..your presence @ JO’s and going out of your way in order to provide our expected officials’ requirement for ALL meets that the WAVES attend was AMAZING and GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!  The LEE’s roll that way……


Here we go:

ALEX B.           best time in 200 back 8th place

NATALIE B.     swam the 50 free on the 10 & Under girls relay

JUDE C.            1st TIME JO’s  /  25 free 18th place (he is ONLY 7) 

ALLESANDRA C.     best times in 50 breast 4th / 50 free  /  100 IM 7th (dropped 6 seconds)

MIA C.                    400 free relay 11-12 girls 9th  /  best times 200 fly 14th 

JAG D.                    best times in 50 breast 2nd  /  100 IM 2nd 

 DIBBS                   400 free relay 11-12 girls 9th  ***best split

AMELIA D.             400 free relay 9th 

RICHARD L.           best time 500 free 11th 

EMILY M.                best time 200 back

ALEXA P.               swam the 50 back on 10 & Under girls 200 medley relay

ALLY W.         1st time JO’s  /  25 free 14th  /  swam the 50 breast on 10 & Under girls 200 medley relay

KAYLEE W.            swam the 200 back

TAKEO Z.               best time in 25 breast 10th  /  10th place 25 free

TATI Z.        400 free relay 11-12 girls 9th  /  best time 200 back 16th /  SWAGR cut in 50 back (lead-off relay)


We made a couple mistakes today on relays…..trying to elevate your game and do amazing things sometimes takes a gamble and some consequence........ A great TEAM effort today and I was very proud!!!





I was not sure what to expect today from the WAVES…….

I have my goals and expectations, parents have their own…..


     -I thought this was a day that our swimmers decided to get it done and it was one of our best days while here.  Much work has gone into this run of greatness for the WAVES.  Much sacrifice from each and every family attending. This was a great meet and a great weekend for the WAVES!


Special recognition

     ***THANK YOU, KEN GIOIA for officiating

     ***DOM and MIKAILA came and supported the TEAM and neither was swimming in the meet

     ***BECKY CRUZ brought bagels for the TEAM for a second day

     ***ALEX BULRIS coached and organized the younger kids relays, for a second day


Here is how it went:

TAKEO Z.     best time in 25 back 4th  /  50 free 5th /  200 free relay 10 & under boys 7thplace

KAYLEE W.     best time 100 fly

ALLY W.     best time 25 back 3rd  /  200 free relay 10 & under girls

EZ PIT.     11-12 boys 200 free relay 11th

ALEXA PIT.   200 free relay 10 & under girls

EMILY M.     100 fly, get’n ready for SWAGR

DANIEL M.     best time in 200 IM /  200 free relay 11-12 boys 11th

RICHARD L.     best time in 100 fly 9th  /  200 free 9th /  11-12 boys 200 free relay 11th

AARON L.     100 fly 10th

EMMA G.     best time in 100 fly

DIBBS      500 free 17th

JAG D.     best times in 200 IM 2nd  ***TEAM RECORD 2:37.86 (old record 1982) WOW!!!  / 100 free 5th /  10 & under 200 free relay 7th

MIA C.     best time in 200 IM 12th  (dropped 8 secs)

ANDREW C.     200 free relay 10 & under boys 7th

ALLESANDRA C.    best times in 200 IM 4th  /  100 free 11th

JUDE C.     best time 25 back /  200 free relay 10 & under boys 7th

NAT B.     best time 25 back 15th  /  200 free relay 10 & under girls

ANDREW W.      200 free relay 11-12 boys 11th

ALEX B.      best time 50 free

ELAINA C.     ***might be the best swim of the day 500 free 8th

                        best time by 14 seconds and 1st TIME FINALIST @ JO’s….made SWAGR in 200 free and 500      free…all in the same race!!!