I'm confused!

 I'm confused! How do I sign my swimmer up for Spring- Summer????

Dolphin Swimmers:

  1. Dolphin group will have a 6 week session, April 15 to May 23 and another in June- July.
  3. Returning Dolphin swimmers can sign up starting April 1
  4. Brand New Dolphin swimmers can sign up starting April 4
  5. Brand new Dolphin swimmers MUST have had a Try out!

Swimmers returning from the regular Winter team

Swimmers returning from winter team will have a small fee to swim, (new swimmers to the team will pay a larger amount).  Please log into the swim team website: “Spring/Summer 2019 Returning swimmers only”

  1. Returning winter swimmers in Senior 1-2-3 and AG 1 will be charged $90 for the spring summer
  2. Returning winter swimmers in AG 2-3-4 will be charged $60 for the spring summer.
  3. The fees above will be charged to your website account May 1, so be sure to sign up by then. Just declare YES (or NO if not swimming). Returning swimmers can swim just the spring or the whole spring – summer season.
  4. Practices start the week of April 15 and end July 14 after Y Championships at Miami U.

New swimmers to the Swim team for the Spring Summer And swimmers moving from Dolphin to the regular swim team:

1-Tryouts for new swimmers starting have started, with schedule on website – try out tab. More dates to follow. All must have a try out. There are TWO steps to sign up!!!!

  1. NEW swimmers to the spring summer will pay the following coaching/program Fee for the season at the Main Desk at the YMCA, sign up starting April 1. One payment, up front, for the season.
    1. Senior 1 -$390
    2. Senior 2 - $300
    3. Senior 3 - $265
    4. AG 1 - $280
    5. AG 2 - $225
    6. AG 3 - $215
    7. AG 4 -$170
  2. New swimmers to the swim team must also register on the swim team website – – and pay a website registration of $50. To be set up soon!
  3. New Swimmers to the team have two steps, be sure to do both!