Carolina Crown Qualifiers

PALM Swimmers - below is information about the Carolina Crown Challenge Meet.  


  • It is a challenge meet with "all-stars" from NC Swimming & SC Swimming.  
  • This is a Sr. level meet 15 & above.
  • The top 20  swimmers by single age group and by gender make the squad.  (15 age group, 16 age group, 17 age group and 18 age group).
  • Below are links for "automatic" qualifiers and "consideration" qualifiers.  
  • It will be done in Charlotte the same weekend of All-State banquet.  (Saturday April 27th)
  • Due to the time of year......(with proms and school functions and returning from swim breaks).....there usually are a good handful of automatice qualifiers that turn down the bid.  So there is a decsent chance that consideration swimmer will be picked.
  • Coach Heath thinks it can be a good expereince.  However, due to only being back in the water for 2 weeks, don;t expect to swim too fast.  Thats just the reality of what time of the year it is for our team getting back into training.  But he does believe it is and can be a fun expereince.  It is totally your decision to attend or not.  Talk to Coach Heath or Coach Kim if you need to.  
  • Following the meet will be the All-State Banquet at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
  • We have looked over the links below believe the "automatic" qualifiers include: Hayden Kirkhart, Tanner Edwards, Emerson Edwards, Tyler Broussard and Sally Ouzts.  
  • We believe the "consideration" qualifiers inlcude: Morgan Durnford, Addy Strickland, Ann Ryan Alexander, Ella DeNicola, Sarah Liebenow, Noah Price, Walker Stewart, Caroline Agostini, Noel Updyke and Weston Watts.
  • There are links below that shows those who are "automatic" qualifiers and those who are "consideration" qualifiers.  Please check behind us and make sure our accessment is correct.  If your name was left out we apologize for not seeing it.
  • The link to register is also below.  You must register and send a check for $80.00 before Wednesday, April 3rd.  
  • Below is the email the coaching staff received from SC Swimming with links and additional info.  Please read.  



Carolina Crown Challenge

Charlotte, NC


COACHES: Please share with your age 15-18 athletes on the lists below who wish to compete in the Carolina Crown Swim Challenge. The same information can be found on the NCS & SC websites.


Keep in mind the application deadline is April 3


If your name is on the following list of automatic qualifiers or consideration qualifiers, you are invited to complete the APPLICATION FORM at the link below to participate in the 2019 Carolina Crown Swim Challenge.


This LONG COURSE meet will be held at the Mecklenburg Aquatic Center on Saturday afternoon, April 27, 2019. The meet will include top athletes from both North Carolina and South Carolina.


Selected athletes who wish to attend – whether an automatic qualifier or a consideration qualifier MUST SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION FORM AND MAIL A CHECK FOR $80 TO THE ADDRESS BELOW BY APRIL 3, 2019.


If not enough automatic qualifiers submit applications by April 3, those on the consideration list will be selected until a maximum of 250 athletes in the combined 15, 16, 17 and 18 year old age groups have been chosen. Consideration athletes were selected based on being in the Top 75 (combined NC/SC) 2018-19 short course rankings in the events being contested. Lists are based on swimmer ages as of April 27, 2019.


Please make out the check for $80 to “North Carolina Swimming” and mail to: Carolina Crown Challenge, 6766 Chauncey Drive, Raleigh, NC 27615. Please identify the athlete that the check is for. Only the checks of athletes selected to the final Carolina Crown roster will be cashed.  All other checks will be ripped up.   The meet fee also entitles participating athletes to attend the Carolina Swimposium on Saturday morning at the Fairfield Inn, three blocks from the pool.


Questions about the application and registration process can be emailed to:



Automatic - Age 15


Automatic-Age 16


Automatic-Age 17



Automatic-Age 18


Consideration-Age 15


Consideration-Age 16


Consideration-Age 17



Carolina Crown Application