Full Stroke: January 2019


High Performance & Gold

Welcome back, everyone. We trust you all enjoyed your holidays (along with your holiday training, of course). It was wonderful to have a great turn out with our holiday training schedule, as it’s important our swimmers continue their work as they approach the short course championship season. 

January played host to our Audi Midtown Toronto Winter Classic at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre over the January 18-20 weekend. SCAR saw an amazing turn out from visiting clubs with over 1000 competitors attending the meet, including teams from Massachusetts, as well as Turks and Caicos. Thank you to all who attended, making this one of SCAR’s largest meets on record. 

Our January meet remains popular, not only with its placement in the meet schedule, but also due to us offering 12&U swimmers quality short course swimming, while providing 13&O’s a long course opportunity in our world class facility. The Scarborough Swim Club would like to thank all of the phenomenal officials and volunteers who helped us host a successful weekend of racing. We can’t do it without you. 

I would like to shine light on a great swim coming from Claire Nykoliation of HP. Claire booked her ticket to Eastern Canadian Championships with her 50m Freestyle swim. This will be her first national level meet she partakes in. Congrats to you!

Our HP-Gold swimmer of the month for January has been awarded to Katelyn Hume, who has demonstrated the clear desire to build on her December successes as she works towards her championship goals. Her dedication and consistent effort through training will only benefit her moving forward. Keep up the great work.

As mentioned, we will now be focusing on building ourselves up for the long championship season ahead. Swimmers will be challenged to not only build on their successes in workout, but how to reliably perform when called upon. This is exceptionally important when needing to repeatedly peak over a short period of time. 

Good luck to all this Winter and Spring!

Coach Chris

Silver & Senior Select

Hi everyone,

As we enter the New Year, many swimmers are coming off of good swims at Windsor and Vaughan. The first part of the season was successful, with good morale and dedication from the athletes in the Senior Select and Silver groups. As we are now in the New Year, I’m looking forward to continued growth and effort from everyone.

The Audi Midtown Toronto Winter Classic in January was the first taste of long course swimming for the 13&O athletes on our club. Coming off of a mixed training schedule over the holidays, along with an increase in training intensity, many swimmers were challenged to race hard while not being in the optimal condition. I saw many swimmers rise up and race hard at that competition, with many best times all around. 

As we head towards championship season in February and March, swimmers will be competing at 1-3 competitions. I expect that everyone will give their full commitment to the training schedule in order to put their best foot forward and race at their potential.

January was a month filled with some great training, seeing swimmers stepping up everyday and pushing themselves to new heights. From the Silver group, there is one swimmer who stood out throughout the month and I’d like to congratulate Jonathan B in the Silver group on winning the Swimmer of the Month for January. Jonathan has been working diligently on all four strokes and has shown strong concentration and effort. Keep up the great work Jon! 

In the Senior Select group, I’d like to congratulate Tristan T on winning Swimmer of the Month! Tristan has also shown an increased level in focus and training intensity, and has been coming to workouts with his goals in mind and training at a new level. 

I’m excited to head into Championship season and watch all the great swims coming up from everyone, and I'm confident that it will be a fun and successful February and March.


Coach Phil

Bronze & Junior Select

Hello Families, 

After the holiday season it was great to get back into competition. What better way to start the New Year than with our own Audi Midtown Swim Meet swum in our home pool!

It was great to see just how many SCAR swimmers came out to swim and I was happy to see some excellent performances from both groups. I am proud to say that we almost unanimously walked away with best times and some amazing qualifications. SCAR certainly left a positive impression both in regards to racing as well as sportsmanship and team spirit.

An special shout out goes to Emma Chung for her first Festival qualifications of both the 200 FR and 200 IM. Way to go Emma!

I wanted to take this time to discuss qualifications, as they are definitely a strong theme in many of our swimmers goals. In regards to standards I always have a copy of them on deck for the swimmers to look through at any given practice. I think it is good for them to know the targets they are striving to hit, but more importantly I think it is important to have them know and understand their current times so as to accurately understand the magnitude of the goals they are creating for themselves. 

I recently discussed the various locations swimmers can access their own best times and results so as to know their own best times moving forward. We have often been using best times as targets in practice and I found that many of our swimmers did not know what their current times were. I think it is important for swimmers to know their own “stats”, not just for the sake of goal setting, but also for the sake of practice targets, realistic expectations of meet results, and motivation for improvement. Swimmers can find this information on Swim Canada’s website as well as in the On Deck app and I challenge them all to use and know their best times moving forward.

As much as qualification for a championship meet is a solid goal, continued improvement is ultimately the goal. If that improvement leads to a qualification I will let the swimmers know and that should be celebrated, but so should an improved performance. 

Congratulations on an excellent start to the New Year swimmers and I look forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for SCAR!

Coach Kristyn

Development 10&U, 11-12 (A Groups)

Hello all!

Over January I have noticed a big step forward from both groups with the level of focus and work ethic displayed during practice and at meets. Although there are things to work on, we are well on our way to becoming strong swimmers.

At the Audi Midtown Meet hosted by us, there were some amazing swims by a lot of swimmers in both groups. Because of these great swims we have a bunch of qualifiers to a Central Region meet. At  “B” champs we have Lyla, Jahnavi, Vivash, and Stone qualify from the 10U group and Joshua from the 11-12. Going to the “C” Meet we have Lyla, Jahnavi, Vivash, Stone, Claire and Izzy all going from the 10U group and Josh, Veronica, Jonah, and Saoirse from the 11-12! We will wish them and everyone good luck as they compete at the upcoming meets in February.

Since we have these big meets coming up, it is very important that we stay focused on the “Small” things that will help us perform well; such as underwater dolphin kicks, turns, and dives. We will be working on these things at most practices leading up to our big meets but it is important that we don’t just do these things well in practice, but at meets as well. I have great hopes for all the swimmers swimming in the next few weeks and can’t wait to see the results of our hard training.

Our swimmer of the month for the month of January is Joshua. Joshua has been a very consistent swimmer coming to practice and also working hard at practice. He has really taken a step forward in his swimming this year. Congrats Josh!

Coach Patrick

Development 10&U, 11-12 (B Groups)

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

Happy New Year to all! We’ve ended 2018 off on a great note and started the New Year with greater expectations and better performances. My Development B swimmers and I have had talks regarding “mind over matter”. The automatic definition of it is: The use of willpower to overcome physical problems. I have shown each individual swimmer their results at the end of our most recent meet (Audi Midtown Toronto Winter Classic), and at how we’ve progressed from earlier in the season. Most were surprised at their improvements. While best times are wonderful, it’s learning about how we’ve attained said times. Our focus surrounding head and body positioning (swimming posture) has led to many benefits, with the biggest being eliminating some unnecessary movements. 

I was very pleased with a lot of our January Audi meet performances. I was also quite happy with our group’s support of one another, encouraging those who were perhaps dealing with nerves. I would like to congratulate Alice for qualifying in Central Region B Champs for 100 BR & Raya for 200 IM, 100 BR, and 100 IM.

Swimmers of the month are Sumaya Hart from the B 11-12’s, and Sayeli Jacob from B 10&U. These two girls have shown great perseverance the past couple of weeks, in both challenging workouts as well as competition. They have both been great leaders within their respective groups. Way to go girls! With great perseverance, come great results. 

Coach Cassia