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Swim-A-Thon Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Swim-A-Thon!  Over 500,000 metres swam and more than $13,000 raised for the club!  Great job!

Congratulations to all of the raffle prize winners below!  Next year, we'll have more 'candy' prizes! wink

Skin Care Package                                                  Maggie Foote

$25 East Side Mario's Gift Certificate #1                    Shaunna Walker De-Jong

$25 East Side Mario's Gift Certificate #2                    Gavin Colvin

$25 East Side Mario's Gift Certificate #3                    Lucas Amaral

1 lb of Chocolate                                                      Hailey Murdoch

CAJ Towel #1                                                           Liam Bassin

CAJ Towel #2                                                           Maya Troup

$25 Cambridge Mall Gift Card #1                               Shaunna Walker De-Jong

$25 Cambridge Mall Gift Card #2                               Cassia Gopaul

Core Climbing Package                                            Owen Inglis

Chalk/Lego Package                                                Hannah Johnson

2 Movie Passes & 1 Lg Pizza                                   Lily Dixon

Book Package                                                        Jewel Buckley

Goggles/Cap/Bag                                                    Kyra McIntyre

2 Lg Pizzas                                                            Cyrus Kaminski

Turbie Twist                                                            Ava Pierson

Lego/Shopkins                                                       Zion Pilkington

$50 Sport Chek Gift Card #1                                    Ainsley Murdoch                       

$50 Sport Chek Gift Card #2                                    Aislinn Mackenzie

Gelart Kids Pkg                                                      Lizzie Ashley

Arena Backpack                                                     Holly Richer

Candy!!                                                                  Erica Braga

$50 Source for Sports #1                                         Cassia Gopaul

$50 Source for Sports #2                                         Hailey Murdoch

3 Large Pizzas                                                        Owen Martin

$50 Old Marina Restaurant Gift Certificate                  Celia Moorhouse

$25 Play with Clay Gift Certificate                              Marley Pederson

Prizes will be given to coaches to hand out at the next practices!


Thank you to all sponsors for their help to fill our prize table:

Domino's Pizza

Health Hub

Forever Young Spa

Reid's Chocolate

Play with Clay

The Old Marina Restaurant

The Foote Family

The Pagan Family

The LePage Family

The Luxton Family

Cambridge Centre

Sport Chek (Cambridge Mall)

Team Aquatics

East Side Mario's Cambridge Mall/Kathy Long

Country Park Dental (Kitchener)

Core Climbing

Tim Hortons (Franklin & Pinebush)

Sugar Berries

Galaxy Cinemas Guelph

Source for Sports