Black Heritage Championship Meet

Greetings Fellow CPD Swim Parents!!


Attached is the flyer with information for the 17th Annual Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet in Cary, North Carolina.


Our swim club, Chicago Park District will be taking a team to this exciting meet for the first time!  It is a great opportunity to expose our swimmers to out-of-state competition. To help, we put together some information to help our fellow parents with planning and participation. Please register via TeamUnify and ensure your swimmer is also registered for CPD Team Sports Spring Session (that’s necessary for Approval).

Please join us for a fun, memorable swimming Memorial Day weekend 2019! Let’s go and win!

 See the attached.pdf flyer for more!


  TWENDE! (Let’s GO!)





Sylvia Ranji White

(Erika, Henry & Olivia’s mum)