AAG, EAG and Senior doing Tristate

  Good Afternoon,

As we are beginning our new season on Monday there is one question we are getting asked consistently and I think is worth clarifying.  
We understand that many swimmers in AAG, EAG and Senior wish to participate in the short course Tri-state summer meets. You are welcome to do so.  You are also welcome to be on whatever tri-state team you choose.  IF you select to swim on the Viking tri-state team (formerly called Webb City Tristate) you will NOT need to pay any additional dues. You will continue to be billed in your "normal" group.   You will be billed $10 for a t-shirt and Cap on June 1.  Then billed for meets as normal.
If you plan to do this we need two things:
1. Email Sharon at sharongriff312@gmail.com and just state that you would like on the Viking Tristate roster in addition to the current group.  Please send this email before the end of April.   Again, you will be billed for things like meet fees/entries etc. but no extra dues.
2.  If you plan to attend tri-state practices please have a discussion with your current coach so that the correct balance and expectations are met that best benefit the swimmers needs. Keep in mind that our Long Course Championship meet has priority over tri-state.  
Any  questions feel free to email Sharon or use the contact us button at the website.  So excited for a big summer season.   Thanks!