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2019 13 & Over State Meet Recap


2019 MI 13 & Over Short Course State Meet Recap

We wanted to make sure we updated everyone and congratulated all of our 13 & Over Swimmers on a GREAT State Meet with a lot of fast swimming.  There were many personal best’s hit and we are proud of each and every one of them.  As a Team Liquid Lightning placed 6th overall with a score of 822. 

We had multiple swimmers make it to Finals and I want to congratulate them on making the top 16 in the STATE!  This is an unbelievably hard accomplishment and all the hard work these swimmers have put in this season has really paid off.


Claire Abbasse

Claire placed 6th in the State in her 100 Fly, 3rd in her 50 Free & 3rd in her 100 Free!

Evan Fox

Evan placed 10th in his 1650 Free!

Caroline Hughes

Caroline placed 16th in her 100 Back

Evan Miller

Evan placed 12th in his 200 Back

Alexis Moon

Alexis placed 9th in her 200 Breast & 7th in her 100 Breast

Blaise Moon

Blaise placed 9th in his 200 Free, 11th in his 200 IM, 16th in his 500 Free & 15th in his 200 Back

Gonzalo Pena

Gonzalo placed 7th in his 200 Fly

Paige Potter

Paige placed 16th in her 400 IM, 15th in her 200 IM, 16th in her 100 Back & 16th in her 200 Back

Alexis Quitter

Alexis placed 12th in her 1000 Free& 7th in her 1650 Free

Ella Sieber

Ella placed 8th in her 1000 Free & 14th in her 500 Free

Lauren Sielicki

Lauren placed 6th in her 100 Back

Sadie Stricklin

Sadie placed 16th in her 100 Fly, 4th in her 400 IM & 9th in her 200 IM

Lauren Valentine

Lauren placed 14th in her 100 Back & 6th in her 200 Back

Ashlee Weltyk

Ashlee placed 16th in her 200 Back

Carson Wolf

Carson placed 15th in his 200 IM, 8th in his 200 Fly & 14th in his 200 Back


We would also like to give a HUGE Congratulation to those swimmers that made SECTIONAL CUTS this season and are swimming in Indy against the best swimmers in the Region!!!

Congratulations to….. Claire Abbasse, Evelyn Dice, Evan Miller, Alexis Moon, Paige Potter, Emily Shores, Lauren Sielicki, Alina Stanczyk, Sadie Stricklin, Lauren Valentine, Haley Vanbuskirk, Ashlee Weltyk, Carson Wolf & Lauren Woodman!!!



2019 13 & Over State Team

Claire Abbasse, Andrew Alexander, Marcello Brito, Olivia Cassise, Eddie Cromwell, Evelyn Dice, Evan Fox, Savannah Gurley, Lydia House, Caroline Hughes, Sujay Maddireddy, Evan Miller, Alexis Moon, Blaise Moon, Wyatt Pawlaczyk, Gonzalo Pena, Paige Potter, Alexis Quitter, Ella Sieber, Riley Sieber, Lauren Sielicki, Alina Stanczyk, Sadie Stricklin, Frannie Turner, Lauren Valentine, Haley Vanbuskirk, Kevin Vanpoelvoorde, Adriana Waller, Ashlee Weltyk, Carson Wolf & Lauren Woodman

The Team Relays Finished in…

Girls Open 400 Free Relay – 9th

Girls Open 200 Medley Relay – 4th

Girls Open 200 Free Relay – 5th

Girls Open 400 Medley Relay – 5th

Girls Open 800 Free Relay – 9th

Girls 13/14 800 Free A Relay – 7th

Girls 13/14 800 Free B Relay – 13th

Girls 13/14 400 Free Relay – 8th

Girls 13/14 200 Medley Relay – 15th

Girls 13/14 200 Free A Relay – 9th

Girls 13/14 200 Free B Relay – 13th

Girls 13/14 400 Medley Relay – 12th

Boys 13/14 200 Medley Relay – 11th

Boys 13/14 800 Free Relay – 8th

 Boys 13/14 200 Free Relay – 13th

Boys 13/14 400 Medley Relay – 9th

Boys 13/14 400 Free Relay – 9th

Congratulations again to all of our swimmers!!!