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First Day of the Long Course Season!

Happy First Day of Long Course Season!

We are so excited about the new season and all the exciting growth across our program – from our new relationship with OLPH to all of the great kids we’ve met over the past months from tryouts & Big Blue!

Five quick things:
1) Please check the PDF online as well as the google group calendars online for the schedule.

  • We do not anticipate changes from the PDF schedule, and if there are, you will receive a notification from Blake Mock as soon as those changes take place and those changes will be reflected on the google.  Add a verified mobile number to receive text alerts with emergency changes.
  • Saturdays are in flux through April as Water Polo has tournaments and workouts. Those workouts are noted on the google calendar already.  We will return to a normal Saturday schedule in May.
  • May/June/July schedules will be available by the end of the week.

2) Please make sure you have indicated your billing preference on this survey.

  • Remember there are three options – ¾ season, full season – one payment, full payment – two payments.

3) If your athlete is in the NOVICE group – please make sure you have filled out your preference of training group by filling out the survey.  

  • At this time, we are not going to allow for substitutions within groups until we see what numbers look like across the workouts.

4) Sizing for team suits and apparel options for NTA will be available at the team sizing at New Trier Northfield from 10-1p on Saturday.

  • Athletes will need their own fins as well as a team suit. Team Caps will be made available to all athletes as part of registration.

5) Shark University 2.0 will be going on  Saturday as well from 11-1p at New Trier Northfield.

  • This is an abbreiviated version of the fall University – if you are a new member to the program – this a great way to learn about the program and how we run our team. More detailed information to be published shortly.



Saturday, April 13th is our 12th annual Hour of Power to raise money for the Ted Mullin Fund! If we hit $40K by 9a on the 13th – THE COACHES WILL SWIM A RELAY DURING THE SECOND HOUR!  You read that right – for more information on Hour of Power – CLICK HERE!


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