Looking for new Officials!

Stingray Parents,

We are looking for a few new Officials for our 2019 swim season.  Officials serve as Stroke and Turn judges and perform the following tasks at swim meets:

  • Observe swimmers for compliance with River City Swim League (USA) Swimming rules relating to the following
  • Report violations on DQ slip
  • Give completed DQ slip to runners to turn in office

The goal of an Official is to qualify swimmers (not disqualify).  We must have officials to ensure a fair and level playing field for every swimmer and allow times to count and be entered to qualify for Championships.  Officials work 1 shift during swim meets and are provided a FREE Officials shirt to wear.  They are not required to volunteer for any other shifts or jobs.  

No former swim experience is required to become a swim Official.  The River City Swim League offers free online training to certify all of our Officials.  

If you are interested in becoming an Official, please email us back and let us know.  

Thank you,

Lisa McAbee

TFS Meet Coordinator