New Meet Worker Coordinators-2019

Meet Worker Chairs:  New Meet Coordinators  for 2019!

Bob Antholine & Jeff Kempka:


Thank you to Bob and Jeff who have stepped  in to handle the very large task of staffing SWAT hosted meets. There is a new email for this positiion above. Please  remove the email that was used for JIm and Ami as they would like to make sure that all questions now go to the right chairs. It has been pointed out that the popular phrase "MANDATEERING" is more accurate when it comes to our  meet staffing needs. We have many wonderful parents who are volunteering to chair many other important functions of our team operations, like team gear and fundraising events, but SWAT hosted meets fall into a "required volunteering" area. 

SWAT is a non-profit organization and receives no outside revenue. Training fees only cover 68% of revenue needed to fund our program.   Hosting Meets is an important part of club revenue,  second only to actual registration fees. As such, every registered family is required to work at SWAT hosted meets regardless of number of children in the family. Amount of required sessions may vary each season depending on number of meets hosted and membership numbers each session. New families generally are opted out during their first session(not season) with the team. Parents unable to fulfill their session requirements will be billed $100 per each missed session. 

Families must fulfill the meet worker requirement EVEN if their swimmer is not swimming in the meet that SWAT is hosting. 

A team email blast will be sent by the meet worker volunteer coordinators announcing when the online signup is ready. All job signups are done online.  Jobs are filled on a first come basis. We send a blast 24 hours advising what time the signup will go live so that every family has a fair chance when signup opens to declare for  time slots/jobs best suited to your needs.
Don’t delay if a time slot/job preference is needed as spots fill quickly upon opening.

Long Course (Spring/Summer) 2019

SWAT is hosting three meets during the Spring/Summer Season that will have a total of 14 sessions to cover. Sessions are 4-5 hours long and your swimmer is usually entered in the SWAT hosted meets, so you would be there anyways! Below are the number of sessions that need to be covered at each SWAT hosted long course meets:  
 1.     Swat Spring Fling (Muskego HS) – April 26-27, 2 days, 3 sessions
2.      Grand Prix (Kenosha Rec Plex), 3 days, 6 sessions June 14-16
3.      Regionals (Kenosha Rec Plex), 3 days, 5 sessions July 19-21

REQUIREMENTS: Each family will need to work the following sessions at each SWAT hosted meet:

1.      Spring Fling –  ONE per active account
2.      Grand Prix – THREE per active account
3.      Regionals. – THREE per active account

Total Meet Worker Requirement: 7 sessions - Grand Prix/Regionals may have some flexibility after original signup - maybe 4 at Grand Prix, 2 at Regionals etc - families may be able to mix up how they do GP and Regionals. This will be assessed after we see registration numbers. 

If you joined SWAT anytime during the Fall-Winter 2018 season, you have a full meet requirement as detailed above. If you register for  spring session  only- you  need to work at the Spring Fling.(1) 

If you join Summer only, you need to work at the Grand Prix(3) and the Regionals Meet. (3) or pay the $100 per missed session workers buyout. If you signup for a spot and then are a no show, you will be billed $150 per missed session that you signup for.  

 If your swimmer was one of the schools on spring break during the Spring Fling, and you were unable to find someoone to work for you, after the initial job signup any open spots for Grand Prix/Regionals will be opened to those who need to make up a spot from the missed Spring Fling. 

Sessions can be filled in a number of ways. 
1. One family member can fulfill all required sessions. 
2. Two family members can work at one session together(fulfills 2 spots) and then one member works one more session to complete the 3rd session.
3.  Get 3 family/friends/ neighbors to work with you at one session and complete that meets requirements for that meet  in one session! 

It is not up to the  coordinators to find replacements or workers for your requirements. Siblings over age 14 can help and if you know of anyone who needs to fulfill Volunteer Credits for a non-profit for school, community service our meet director can fill out any paperwork needed if they work our meets and fulfill the session requirement. 

Please be kind to our VOLUNTEERS who are working hard to staff 40-60 positions daily at meets.  It is not their fault if your work/vacation/family plans interfere with your needed requirement. Or if you waited to signup and a preferred time slot is no longer available.  In fairness to every member that makes changes and sacrifices to their family schedules to fulfill their requirements, buyouts will not be waived.

If you are registered for spring only – you’ll have a ONE shift requirement at the Spring Fling meet.  If you are registered for summer only – you’ll have a TWO shift requirement at the Silver State meet.  Payment is $100 for each missed shift or $150 for signing up and being a no-show. 

There is a red tab labled Volunteering on the home page. If you delete this email blast, the information above, plus descriptions of the various job needs can be found under that Volunteer Link. Please try to check that information out before sending emails to the chairs, board members, or SWAT office. Most Questions should be answered if you read through the information on that page:

Volunteer Requirements and Job Decscriptions on SWAT Website