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Contact Quick Reference Guide for Parents

Hello Everyone,

Here is a quick reference guide to contact information and preferred contact method for coaches and board of directors as I understand this may be helpful specifically for new parents.  Please also remember this information is also available under the "COACHES" header on the team unify page.

Both Coach John and Monet prefer to be contacted via email or ondeck in person before or after practice only.  Please feel free to email them both to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your swimmer and they are happy to address or set up a meeting with you to do so. The remind app is also a quick and easy way to communicate in the moment.

Coach John Casillas.

Coach Monet Marquez

Board of Directors Contact Information: Please feel free to email All personal emails for the board of directors can also be found under the "COACHES" header on the team unify page.

In the event of an emergency situation, meet concern, or anything needing immediate attention please contact:
Laura Gonzales (760)662-9460

Maria Fernandez (760) 953-1735

Tina Shin Wilson (760) 485- 1984

I hope this helps.  Have a wonderful week