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MidWeek News! All Team Email

A few quick announcements for the halfway point of the first week back!
Keep an eye out for the group coach email later today with a LOT of more group specific information. 

Please check the Google calendar for your practice group for Saturday workouts in April.  With the high school still in water polo season, as well as a handful of religious holidays, our Saturday schedule will change each Saturday to accommodate those events. The previously posted Saturday schedule, will become effective in May.

  • Saturday Practice Schedule for April 6th:
    • Novice - choose one:
      • Novice A - 8-845 OLPH; 145-230p NF
      • Novice B - 845-930a OLPH; 145-230p NF
      • Novice C - 930-1015a OLPH; 145-230p NF
      • Novice D - 1015a-11a OLPH; 145-230p NF
    • D Groups
      • D5 - 11-12p OLPH
      • D6 - 11-12p OLPH
      • D7 - 130-230p NF
    • A Groups
      • A8 (choose one) - 1130-1230p NF; 1230-130p NF
      • A9 1245-145p NF
      • A10 1130-1245p NF
    • Junior
      • JR - 1015-1130a NF
      • JA - 900-1015a NF
      • JP - 730-900a NF
    • Senior
      • SR - 900-1015a NF
      • SA - 1015-1130a NF
      • SP - 730-900a NF
      • SHP-600-800a NF
    • Masters
      • 500-600a NF
    • 14U Polo
      • Saturday - 230-4p NF [DROP IN FOR FREE!]
      • Sunday - 1200-130p NF [DROP IN FOR FREE!}
      • Sunday - ELITE 14U 130-330p [Coach selection]

Hour of Power and Awards Ceremony are scheduled for April 13th. Unfortunately, ComEd is going to be performing a power grid evaluation on the 13th, and will be shutting down power to New Trier Northfield campus for the day.
You will receive a new event notification shortly so please adjust your commitments and your volunteer commitments as well. We are excited about the integration of the two events as it gives us the opportunity to give back AND to celebrate all in three hours. It’s going to be different, but crazy fun! We have a DJ, door prizes, adult raffle and MORE!

Elsmore Suit fitting at New Trier Northfield in the lobby outside the pool from 10a-1p. Just drop by and get the equipment your athletes need to be successful. We require team suit purchases for all athletes who intend to compete in meets - Elsmore will have those available for purchase along with all our training gear and goggles and such! They will also be there to help navigate their website. Just drop by - no sign up needed!

Shark University 2.0 is scheduled for this Saturday at Northfield in C234 from 11-1p. A schedule is posted here of topics that will be presented. If you are new family to the program, or if you missed the fall Shark U - I recommend that parents plan on attending!  Don’t worry - we’ll have signs posted to help you find C234 on Saturday!

  • CLICK HERE for the Shark U event page (it’s going to get emailed out too!)