RecPlex Bring a Buddy Program to Launch 4/3 and New RecPlex Membership Structure

RecPlex Members,

Starting April 3, 2019, if a member has been a member for 1+ years OR is a Preferred/VIP member they are able to bring ONE buddy per week, per membership every Wednesday for free. Bring A Buddy Wednesday will be attached to the main member, but is able to be used by any member of the family. One guest per week per membership not per person on the membership. The member and buddy need to come to the front desk to sign in that they are using their buddy pass!

If you work out or use the facility on Wednesdays, you can bring a friend! There is just a little paperowk to fill out at the front desk when you and your buddy arrive. It just takes a moment. This is just another perk! 

Also, we have a new membership fee structure here at the building and it is wayyyyyy more simple than before. It is focused on family use of the RecPlex. If you were already a member, your fees were ported over to the new structure already in time for April billing. If your previous fees were less than what you could potentially pay in our new structure, your old fees were grandfathered into our new structure. 

If you have any questions about the new membership structure, are interested in obtaining a RecPlex membership,or are just generally curious please stop by our guest services desk in the main lobby. 

Have a great day and see you around the pool!

Luke Towry