New Season, New Group Names

Hi everybody –

I’m writing to you separately from the weekly announcements to communicate some changes to the group names.  Essentially, we’re simplifying by getting rid of the I/II distinctions among our groups, and by renaming a few of our groups, as follows:

Old Name

New Name

   Senior I and II


   Gold and Senior III




   Development I 
   (the 6:00 pm practice group)


   Development II 
   (the 5:00 pm practice group)


For this month, we’ll be in transition, while we formally get the new Senior group on the same practice times.  This doesn’t affect the temporary workout schedule we’ve applied to the Gold and Senior III swimmers (all of whom are now Gold swimmers), where the older swimmers are working out with Ron’s Seniors group, and the younger are working out with Tony’s Silver group. 

There will be a change in billing for those who were in Senior II and Senior III, as we move them to the billing for Senior and Gold groups, respectively.  This will take effect with next month’s billing cycle. 

The group practice schedule, rosters, and TeamApp chat groups have been updated to reflect the new group names.  Let us know if anything looks off. 

Please let Coach Ron ( or me ( know if you have any questions or concerns!