Sports Psychologist

Hello All,

Carl Nienhuis is coming to do a workshop with our swimmers on April 6th from 1-7 at the hall at Shirly Macey Park. 


Educated in Sport and Exercise Psychology and a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, my expertise and training includes performance and wellness enhancement, teaching, coaching, counselling and sports management.

For over 10 years, I have had the
opportunity to work with performers of all ages and sport and non-sport backgrounds. This has included helping youth develop positive living skills, helping national and Olympic team athletes perform consistently on the world stage and helping all
performers experience more joy in their game.

Current and Previous Clients:

  • Canadian Fencing Federation – National Teams (2010 – present)

  • Pentathlon Canada – National Teams (2011 – 2018)

  • Ringette Canada – National Team (2014 – present)

  • Team BC (BC Games Society)

    Prince George 2015 Canada Winter Games
    Wood Buffalo 2015 Western Canada Summer GamesWinnipeg 2017 Canada Summer Games
    Red Deer 2019 Canada Winter Games

  • Ongoing service provided to several Provincial Sport Organizationse.g., Curl BC, Swim BC, Basketball BC, Gymnastics BC, etc.,

  • Volleyball Canada – Beach National Team (2011-2013)

  • Volleyball Canada – Centres of Excellence (2010 – 2017)

  • UBC Thunderbirds Varsity Teams (2011-2013)

  • UFV Cascades Varsity Teams (2010 – present)

  • Algonquin College Thunder Varsity Teams (2009-2010)

  • Various athletes and non-athletes from a wide range of performance disciplines



Areas of Speciality:

  • Performance and wellness enhancement

  • Fostering growth mindset in individuals and teams

  • Strategies to manage arousal, anxiety and stress

  • Understanding emotions and emotional regulation

  • Improve confidence, motivation and concentration

  • Mental preparation for training and competitions

  • Developing communication skills and strategies

  • Learn specific performance enhancement strategies (e.g., goal setting, imagery, focus,

    mindfulness, meditation, arousal regulation)

  • Improve recovery and regeneration

  • Debrief and evaluate performance or programs

  • Improve decision making processes

  • Psycho-emotionally rehabilitate from an injury

  • Background and Philosophy:

    Aside from a few years spent in Ottawa while completing graduate studies in sport and exercise psychology, I have spent the majority of my life nestled in BC’s beautiful FraserValley. I strive to maintain a delicate work-life balance in order to spend as much time with my wife and five children.

    When not building Lego mansions suitable to house Barbie and her friends, I teach in UFV’sKinesiology department, research the natures and value of play within sport and non-sport contexts as part of my Ph.D. studies, and actively consult and counsel numerous athletes and performers across a wide range of disciplines and competitive levels. Developed through these rich and varied experiences, my performance coaching is built on holistically integrating the mind, body and spirit into an understanding of competition as a mutual striving towards excellence.

    By taking an holistic-athlete approach, I listen, provide support, and work collaboratively with performers while selecting appropriate skills and strategies to enhance performance and wellness. I challenge, question, encourage and educate while helping athletes and performers pursue the mastery of their crafts and experience the journey of self-discovery. I strive to help each individual develop an ability to manage their own specific needs, draw on personal strengths and resources, seek solutions and find meaning, joy and perspective in their personal pursuits.