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Swimfo April 5th


Welcome back, or welcome to Long Course season!  For those of you that are new this season finishes in Late July with a state championship meet in a 50-meter Long Course pool.  At OC we train in a ‘Short Course’ 25-meter pool and Molalla has a ‘Short Course’ 25-yard pool.  We are super excited for all the learning and growing that’s going to take place!  With the new season we will welcoming a new coach into the Orca family, Al Capron.  You'll see him on deck with me as we asimilate him to the ORCA WAY.

Al’s most recent position was as an assistant coach with the Linfield College swim team, working under Head Coach Kyle Kimball from 2015-2018.  During this time the Linfield swimmers established 90 new school records.  Al, an ASCA level 3 and USMS level 3 coach, has been coaching swimmers of all ages since 1992.  A technique-driven coach with experience coaching at the NCAA Division I level, Al has developed age-group champions at the Regional and Zone level, and coached swimmers that achieved Junior National qualifying times as well as multiple Masters-level national and world masters record holders.  He previously coached at the University of Washington, Bellevue Club Swim Team and Lake Oswego Swim Club.  Al likes to use underwater video to analyze swimming technique and is eager to help swimmers improve the way they move through the water.  Al was a four-year varsity swimmer competing on the University of Washington Swim Team,  Al swam distance Freestyle and Butterfly in college and was a member of the Pac-10 team from Washington from 1988-1992.  Al enjoys playing guitar and swimming in his spare time.  

Al has an infectious passion for the sport of swimming and we are looking forward to working, learning, and growing alongside Al, as we all strive to become our best!

Quick Hits

  1. We're going to be doing free team Stroke & Turn Clinics at the OC pool 9:20 – 10:50 on Saturdays April 6th(Breastroke & Open turns), 13th(Freestyle & Flip turns) & 20th(Butterfly & Backstroke). 
  2. We did the Swim-A-Thon letter-writing day this Wednesday.  If you missed the event you can still get 10 envelopes and letters. Fill them out and bring them back. We’ll stamp them and send them out. This is the MAIN fundraiser that OCST does each year.  A good chunk of these funds go to help us operate in the black.  We also use the extra resources to enrich and improve athletic development.  This last year we were able to use funds from the swim-a-thon to purchase new swim blocks.
  3. The LONG COURSE meets are posted HERE.  Plan ahead and sign your athletes up now.  If you look at the meet schedule, here, you can see what meets your athlete would be likely participating in.  If you aren’t sure what ‘level’ they are at feel free to email me or ask their coach.
  4. Key DATES:    
  • April 22nd– Board meeting at OC Pool 6:00 – 7:00  
  • April 27th- Swim-A-Thon.   
  • July 30th  - Team awards.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding anything.   I’m going to get the summer schedule out as soon as I can as well.  Very likely the summer schedule will be similar to last summers.


Coach Matt