April 7 Weekly Splash 2019



Thought of the Week: Fear and doubt are nothing but a distraction to the true leader.   It is a proverbial blip on the screen of life and life skills!” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, author and poet.



St. Louis Swim Meet June 21-23 –

This is a great meet for Junior Octane, High Octane, and National group members to swim against a new, unfamiliar challenging group of athletes .   Age Group swimmers may be able to make the cuts as well.  Prelim/Finals for 13 and over swimmers, while 12 and under swimmers are timed finals each day.   Included in the meet information are the cuts you need to make to be able to participate.  There will be more details to come, but it is not a typical meet registration.   We have several deadlines to meet for entries and swimmer's best time updates, along the several weeks leading up to the meet.    It fills up quickly, so we need to get our number of swimmers attending known pretty early on in the process.    Initial Sign up date for everyone is up to April 11th, so the staff may plan out a possible trip for 13 and overs.   We will possibly give a few more days for 12 and under swimmers.   Our drop date to get entries in to the Host Club is May 8th for everyone, but please plan out your June, over the next few weeks, to attend this meet or decline.   Swimmers age 12 and under will travel with their family, so maybe plan a mini vacation around the meet to add some extra fun to the trip.    The pool address is on the meet information, if you click on the meet itself, to get a hotel nearby, even one or two within walking distance of the pool and a few places there to eat.   We'll get back to you later including more information for all swimmers eligible.   Chad sent out a note recently to the qualifiers.    We are looking into a fun outing on Monday morning.    PLEASE SIGN UP THIS WEEKEND!



SWIM – A – THON = This Saturday, April 13th.  Everyone will swim for one hour.    Collection packets are out.   Please get out and get your sponsors.  You may ask for flat donations like $10-$20 or folks may donate per length.    We have 2 more weeks and 2 weekends to get out to visit as many friends, neighbors, at church, teachers, and extended family to get them to know what you do almost every day in this great sport of ours and how important it is to you!   All of this helps keep your costs down.

If you collect $250 or more, you will be included in the pool for prizes and part of the pizza party!   Splash Club needs your help.   PLEASE GET OUT THERE & COLLECT YOUR DONATIONS!


-      Games and crafts for the swimmers and their family in the auditorium when not swimming in their session.

-      Food and drink available

-      Volunteer opportunities available for the long course season


9 am = Team pictures and then individual ones thereafter.

10 – 11 a.m. = National and Development 2

11:15 – 12:15 p.m. = Development one and Age Group

12:30 – 1:30 p.m. = Junior and High Octane

1:30 – 2 p.m. = Relays – all groups participate.  



Splash Club Spring Fling meet, held here on April 27-28, is now on our website.    It is a 2 day (Sat/Sun) single session meet, which is available and appropriate for all experience levels and groups to participate.   Coaches will pick events that will suit your abilities.    It will be a fun time for you to get to better know your teammates, while enjoying the sport we all love!      

Please sign up today .    If you are having troubles doing so, please talk with your coach, who can help you in this process. 





Practice Changes : Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.



Practice Changes : Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.


Age Group :

Practice Changes : Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.


Junior Octane –

Practice Changes : Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.


High Octane :

Practice Changes : Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.


National: Saturday = Swim-A-thon!   Check above schedule.




Coach Chad:    918-876-2052

Coach Ben:    918-440-7847  

Coach Kara:    918-327-9492

Coach Gary:    918-327-1482