The Famous CWGA Waves Easter Egg Hunt

The Famous CWGA WAVES Easter Egg Hunt will be Monday April 15th.

Practice will be altered to accommodate all swim groups that would like to attend the hunt.

The Non comp group that normally attends at 4:30p stays unchanged and are encouraged to come back for the Easter egg hunt.

4:30p-6:15p Rogue Waves and Jr Rogue Waves

5p-6:15p Tsunamis

5-6:15p Tidal Waves

Non Comp groups that practice between 5:15p-6:15p You may attend practice duirng this hour if you wish too.

All Groups that practice between 6:30-7:30p on Mondays will have the option to attend a different day for practice (not on Friday) or to attend as earlier group practice time.

The egg hunt will begin sharply at 6:30- and will end at 7:20p.  IF you do NOT RSVP, you may NOT attend the hunt.   Please see the RSVP below or you may pick up a copy of it today 4/8 today, 4/9Tuesday and  4/10 Wednesday.  You must return the RSVP if you plan on attending the hunt, no exceptions.  You may also, print out the RSVP at the bottom of this notification and return 4/8 today, 4/9Tuesday and  4/10 Wednesday.

The egg hunt will be in the water.; you will need your swim suit on and ready to get in.    The plastic eggs are empty and we kindly ask you NOT to open the eggs.  The eggs will have point values written on the outside of each egg.  You must swim out get eggs and return to the side of the pool with them, then repeat the process until all eggs are collect.  *This year you may have a basket or a container sitting on the side of the pool to collect your eggs into.  you may NOT have any "grocery type" plastic bags to place your eggs.  You may only use your hands to collect the eggs; NONE of following may be used in the water- fins, swim caps(to collect eggs in), bags, or any other type 

After your egg values have been calculated, you go to the prize table and cash in the points for prizes.  

*You may NOT take the team eggs home from the hunt.  


RSVP. YES,   ________________________________ will be attending the egg hunt 4/15/2019. 

                                       Swimmer Name

* We are asking for one of the following things so please mark your choice. 

______$2 per swimmer

______ a box of (10) Capri Suns

______Bag of chocolate candy

______Bag of lollipops