Bridge to Summer Schedule


If you are new with SCAT, we know there can be a lot of questions as we transition from our Short Course to Long Course season.


Let’s start with the definition of those two seasons – A SCAT team member joins the team from Aug through July.  This is what we consider a “season” with SCAT.  


We follow the USA Swimming competition calendar which includes a “short course” and “long course” season.   Short Course runs from Sept – March and Long Course runs from April – July.  


As we return after Spring Break, we will start setting our sights on a new meet schedule that includes Long Course meets that will end with championship meets in July.


We also offer a combination competition season for our team members that includes summer short course recreation meets.  Many of you may know this as Pirates; or any other neighborhood summer team.  This offers weekly dual meets in the month of June and ends with a City Competition, GPRA District and State meet in July.  This schedule is an awesome schedule for a newer swimmer.

Long Course competitions can be better suited to more seasoned swimmers, but it is not a requirement.  You are welcome to enter your swimmer in either Pirates and/or Long Course meets.  


Please understand if your swimmer chooses to compete Long Course, their times will be very different.  Competing 100 yards versus 100 meters is a different distance and times will be slower.  Not only is the distance longer, a race will feel different as there are less turns in a 50 meter pool, versus a 25 yard pool.  Help your swimmer keep their expectations realistic as they try something new.  A 100 yd fly will feel and look different than a 100 meter fly!  Trust us on this one…  Not having the walls and turns can make your swimmers stroke look a little different on the back half of a race in a meter pool.

A quick refresher on terminology …

Long Course (LCM) season / meets
   – Swimmers will compete in a 50 meter pool.  Most meets held in the metro Atlanta area. For this reason, not all competitors choose to compete long course.  You have a choice during the summer. 

Pirates summer league / short course (SCY)    – Swimmers compete weekly during the month of June locally (Fayette County) in a 25 yard pool. 


We recommend the following for each group:

BRONZE  – train and compete with our Pirates (Mon-Thu 10 -11am) program and or neighborhood team

SILVER  - train and compete with our Pirates program (Mon-Thur 10:45 – Noon), or neighborhood team. Silver swimmers may also train Long Course practices with Coach Suzy’s approval*

GOLD  – train and compete long course (Mon-Thur 8-9:30a); may additionally compete with Pirates or neighborhood team

SENIOR  – train with Seniors (7 – 9:30 am Mon-Fri) OR Pirates; You may chose to compete with Pirates or Long Course.  We recommend you speak to Coach Jamey, Cathy or David to discuss your goals.

*All Silver swimmers  will attend the 10:45 am Pirates practice.  If your Silver swimmer plans to compete in Long Course meets we ask that they confirm this with Coach Suzy as she will offer an additional practice on Mon & Wed morning from 8 – 9:30.  


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