ZSC Newsletter for the Week of 4/8-4/14

This Week’s Events

  • Welcome back to practice!
    • Tuesday (April 9) night will be the first night back  for Long Course Season (Season 3 for Foundation and Evolution 3)  
    • Junior 1 and 2 practice will end by 8:00pm each night
  • Updated rosters were sent out last week.   If you didn’t see one, contact Kris Barksdale
  • Our 10th Annual Swim-a-Thon kicks off this week.   Check out our incentives and prizes!  Details below!
  • Welcome to our new, full-time assistant coach, Jeanine Surfus!
    • Jeanine was born and raised in Muncie, IN, and began teaching lessons and coaching while in High School.  After moving to Pennsylvania in 1999, she coached at Palmyra Aquatic Club where she introduced the team to USA Swimming.  In the six years that she coached there, they had Junior Olympic, Zone, and Sectional Qualifiers. 
    • From 2005-2015, Jeanine coached at the highly decorated Hershey Aquatic Club where she was the Head Developmental Coach and worked with athletes of all ages and abilities.  She also coached Zones for 6 years while being a Middle Atlantic Coach. 
    • Moving to Maryland in 2015, she started coaching at the Nationally ranked Machine Aquatic Club.  While there, Jeanine coached the Age Group and Senior level athletes at the University of Maryland.  Summer league swimming is important in the Washington area, so she took a role as the Swim Director/Head Coach of BBT swim team in Bowie from 2015-2018.  
    • Having coached all levels, from beginners to nationally ranked swimmers, Jeanine is excited to further her coaching experience with Zionsville Swim Club. She and her husband have three daughters, ages 24, 19, and 14.

Upcoming Practice Schedule Change

  • This week, Junior 1 and 2 practice will end by 8:00pm each night
  • Click on your squad’s Calendar on the ZSC website for updated practice schedules that you can sync to your smartphone

Meet Information

April’s Featured Swimmers

  • Check out this month’s ZSC Featured Swimmers!
  • Click     here  to read more about Sara, Mia, Alden, and Holden


  • This year we will return to a pool-only Swim-a-Thon with a mixture of laps and fun!
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27th
  • We have lots of fun incentives and prizes lined up:

1.     Through May 11, for every $100 raised, swimmers will get a raffle ticket to enter in their choice of drawings:

a.     Apple Airpods

b.     Kings Island 4 pack with parking

c.     Nintendo Switch

d.     Portable JBL Speaker

2.     Through April 25th, for every $50 raised, swimmers will get 5 balls to throw to dunk a coach on day of SwimaThon!

3.     Squad with the highest percentage of participation in fundraising will get  to vote on something for coaches to do (race against the winning squad, kiss a pig, etc)

4.     Squad that raises the most money will get a pizza party

5.     If club as a whole can reach a participation rate of 70%, we will have a special surprise to be announced soon

·         Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your online fundraising page in Team Unify:

1.     Please make sure you are logged into TeamUnify through  zionsvilleswimclub.org  in order to see the "Set Up" tab for your swimmer(s). 

2.       This process does not seem to work using a smartphone - you will need to login using a tablet or a computer. 

3.       Click on the Swim-a-thon banner at the top

4.     Search for your participant(s)

5.     Customize your swimmer’s profile

a.     Click on the “Set up” tab

b.    Choose a goal amount ($100 is a great goal and gets your swimmer a raffle ticket for one of our four exciting prizes)

6.     Use the message template provided or have swimmer write a personal letter (this message will be what your contacts will see when they open your swimmer’s profile to donate)

7.     Click the “Promote” tab

a.     Enter the email addresses and/or social media contacts for people who may want to support your swimmer’s fundraising effort (you can manually add or import contacts)

8.     Once you have entered your contacts, go to the “Invite List” tab

a.     Select your contacts and click “Email Selected”

b.    Fill in your name or your swimmer’s name, your email address and the subject line

c.     Create your email message to your contacts.  You can choose from the list of templates that USA Swimming has provided by selecting from the drop-down menu in “Pick Template” or you can create your own message in the body of the email box.  If you choose to write or copy and paste your own message, be sure to include the link back to your swimmer’s page and to erase the standard message that is already in the box that starts with “This text editor……”

d.    When you are ready to send your messages, click the green “Email Now” button at the bottom left of the page.

9.     And your online fundraising campaign has begun!