March SOTM

Congratulations to our March  Swimmers of the Month!

Senior Development 

Cole C. The wiley veteran of Florida training camp has really upped his swimming and all the hard work has paid off. He qualified for his first Central Region time in the 100 Br in one of the most challenging pools to do it in. He also has 100 percent attendance which is really impressive. Good job Cole!


Evan Z. Congrats to Evan on being March’s SOTM! As a first time attendee of training camp, Evan did a fantastic job of attacking each workout and completing them with a smile. He even managed to find some time to do some fishing between workouts 🎣🎣 We can’t wait to see your hard work pay off to finish up the season!

Isabella G. Congrats to Isabella for having a great training month. Isabella worked extremely hard down in Florida and you could definitely tell the difference by the end! Keep up the hard work!

Junior Development

Noah H. had 100% attendance and works hard at every practice. He's adjusting well to the new workload in Junior Development and working on his training every day. Congratulations Noah!


Drew A. trains hard and listens to coaching every day. With nearly 100% attendance it's no surprise her skills and strength are improving. Always a smiling face on deck ... congratulations Drew!

Ethan A. has great work ethic and a fantastic memory. He also always keeps track of repetitions and loves to use his math skills in the pool! Its more than just physical exercise with swimming! Keep up the great work Ethan!


Jaelyn has been an extremely attentive and driven member of our Novice group! Determined to lead the lane and do things‘right’ her attitude has lead to great improvements both in technique and fitness. Congratulations Jaelyn, keep up the great work!!

Having recently moved up Sol has already made a great impression on the coaches. Setting a great skills foundation is critical to future performance and Sol is well on his way. Regardless of the skill his effort is always evident. Sol has a great attitude and team spirit which makes him a positive contribution to the group. Great job!