FAST Fundraiser

Every 2 years FAST hosts a fundraising event to raise money for our dry land programs, grant programs, scholarship programs and money to send our athletes to the Olympic Trials being hosted in 2020.  We also have some great news to share.  After over a year of negotiations with the City, FAST has been given the OK to replace our old team record boards with new ones.  They will be the same size and in the same location within EPIC.  With this approval comes the cost of replacing these boards and we would like to use the money raised from fundraising to help replace these boards.  This year the FAST board has decided to ask for direct donations instead of hosting a swim-a-thon or selling products.  This way FAST will get 100% of the money raised.  FAST is a nonprofit organization therefore all donations are tax deductible.  We are looking to raise $100 per athlete on FAST. 

Donating is easy.  Please visit our website at  and press the donate button and follow the instructions from there.  Please pass this along to grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  The money raised is very important to the support of our athletes.

Thank You -

Michelle Glasgow
FAST Board President