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Board of Directors Election

Hello Desert Parents,

We will be having our upcoming annual board of directors election on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 5:30pm on deck during our parent meeting.  Prior to the meeting please send an email to if you have an interest in one of the positions below and your name will be placed on the ballot.  The board has asked Emily Phillips to collect the ballots at the meeting and tally the votes and will announce the new board if needed.

Current Board Members

President:  Laura Gonzales

Vice President: Tina Wilson

Treasurer:  Dan Wilson

Secretary: Megan Alderman

Social Media/ Membership Chairperson:  Maria Fernandez

Publicity/ Fundraiser Chairperson:  Mike Hotchkiss

Meet/ Webmast suport Chairperson:  Wayne McIllroy

- Presides at board meetings 
- Prepares all sanction and UOF applications 
- Prepares agenda for meetings (with secretary) 
- Has signature authority on team checking account 
- Represents DSRT at USA/LSC meetings 
- Represents DSRT at community/charity functions 
- Provides leadership, supervision, and assistance for other board members as they lead their task areas    
- Supports in fostering relationship between team and high school through maintaining Open relationship with VVUHS district
Vice President:
- Supports all President job duties as needed
- Acts as official greeter of new members
- Reviews and enforces both team and USA membership guidelines
- Supports in updating team guidelines as needed
-  Supports in organizing and hosting two home swim meets a year 
-  will support organization of learn to swim program (if ran and support needed)
- Maintains team charter and by laws recording changes and history
-With President, prepares an agenda for each board members
- Assists board in matters of organization and process 
- Creates and send out monthly team newletter
- support in data entry for updating times and meet entries
- updates roster monthly including tracking current USA swim registrations for all active athletes and course requirements for coaching staff.
- Maintains team checking account 
- Under the supervision of the President, shall prepare a budget yearly (to include but not limited to coaches pay scales, facility budget, equipment budget etc) 
- Collects money as necessary 
- Sends delinquent letters as necessary 
- Makes all deposits and issue all expense checks (with check signing authority) 
- Checks post office box weekly for bills/deliveries 
- Supervises and assists the Membership Chairperson with all membership programs 
- Attends board meetings and presents monthly financial reports
Social Media/ Membership Chairperson:
- Plans and coordinates social events for the team
- Plans and coordinates annual awards banquet at coaches request
- Acts as primary community outreach for the team
- Works with President on team participation 
- Provides monthly activity report at Board meetings
- Supports coordination of try out schedule for new swimmers
- maintains all social media outlets used by the team
- serves to welcome new members
Publicity/Fundraiser Chairperson
- creates and maintains a relationship with local press to support team recognition and growth
-  writes and sends out proposed articles after all Swim meets of results
-  attends community events to support team growth setting up an info booth (ie local charter schools event days, community event days) 
- supports relationship with Silverado High School through coordinating home meet support for the school.
- supports and coordinates any team fundraising activity
- continue to foster and support our relationship with Culture Plug for team apparel.
Meet Support / Webmaster Chairperson:
- supports in all areas of meet set up
- schedules and finalizing practice run through at least once prior to each meet twice yearly
-  ensures equipment and maintenance of equipment prior to and during meet
-  Supports in keeping team website up to date, calendars, events, etc
We look forward to our next meeting with you all. Please reach out if you have any questions.
Laura Gonzales
(760) 662-9460