Upcoming Fundraisers

Parents and Swimmers, we have atleast 2 upcoming fundraisers on the books.

  1. One dime at a Time will start 4/19/19 and end on 5/10/19
  2. Fireworks booth - Week leading up to the 4th of July => Great for Volunteer hours! 

               New to Fireworks booth? 

We partner with a local church and run a fireworks booth in the  parking lot that was Mega Foods. We will have sign up sheets for you when it gets closer to the 4th.

  • 1 shift = 4 hours. Just 1 person or your entire family can come.
  • a shift usually includes talking to and ringing up customers. Making sure the displays are neat and organized.
  • Opening and closing are easy just a few extra things to do that are not hard and some one walks you through it with you.