Team Time Trial this Saturday at Bartlett

Chinook Team-

We have an opportunity to time trial this Saturday and the Bartlett Pool.  This is a great chance to compete, get times, support the team and be done in 2 hours.  Mark your calendar. 


Warm ups: 9am

Time trial starts:  9:30am-11am


This is also a chance to get more qualifying times if you are an JO athlete with exactly 7 times or one that has not competed much and can get more QT's.  With more QT's comes more options for competition.  This is also our last time trial before Splash Into Spring meet- 2 weeks after JO's.


Our goal at JO's is to swim our fastest, and get the most points we possibly can. Let's beat our score from last year- and beat our place from last year- 4th.  That means we all do our part to support the TEAM and swim in max events and score as much as we can, relays included- and needed. 


Meet file for time trial coming soon.  Feel free to contact Coach Anne at if you need more info.


See you at the pools!