Spring Swimming

Hello everyone,

This is the first solicitation message for the Spring Swimming session. We 
are just trying to gain an appreciation for interest. Please respond NLT 21 April by email to Coach Carol - my3girls.labrador@gmail.com 

Generally, spring swimming goes from the end of the YKPBSC season - 27  May 
until end of school June 26 depending on grade and school district. The 
fee for this session is borne entirely by the users. It is in addition to 
regular YKPBSC fees. Generally sessions run 3 times a week in 30 or 60 
minute swims depending on age. (Excluding 7/10 June for Team Travel)

Designed to follow the Long Term Athletic Development model, the YKPBSC 
training year runs almost 30 weeks not including Christmas/March breaks. As a 
program for the Active Start, Fundamentals, and even the Learn to Train 
groups.  (Essentially Sharks and below) YKPBSC does more than the recommended 
training weeks per season. This in part compensates for the difficulties in 
attending competitions. For this reason, parents are asked to thoughtfully 
decide about joining the spring swimming session. LTAD strongly recommends that children benefit from pursuing a multi-sport path. The outdoor soccer, fastball and tennis seasons are all underway at this time, not to mention bike-riding and monkeybars!  

The end of the YKPBSC season culminates with the highs of the Konge 
Construction meet and the House Gala. Kids are excited to see what progress 
they have made over the year and are paired with all the big kids for fun 
races and team comradery.  This is a perfect finish to their season where they leave 
excited and wanting to come back for more, next year.

Once May ends, the season is over and... it is sunny outside, it is a great 
time to be a Northern kid in the outdoors! Spring swimming generally consists 
of more focused (less fun and games) practices (3 X per week) with a new 
coach and a different group. This lasts for only a month and for kids under 
10, that is a lot to adjust to in a very short amount of time. For some 
children, it turns out to be a "do I have to?" time of year rather than the 
"please, can we go, yet?" Although, it seems like an easy choice for 
after-school care, this is definitely not the intention. Consult with your 
child, consult with their coach. Make a thoughtful choice.

Having said all of that, we will be running Spring Swimming this year. We 
will also be having limited openings to the public. - Limited by pool time 
and coach availability. Please let Coach Carol (my3girls.labrador@gmail.com)
know if your swimmers are interested in participating.

For Cubs through Gold, Spring Session will continue pretty much as is with 
coaching until Kamloops. (Subject to the extra fees.) Gold swimming will continue uninterrupted after Kamloops for those interested subject to extra fees, of course, culminating with Summer Champs in Calgary for those swimmers who qualify. Coach Jane, Coach of Team NWT, will be coordinating coaching for the CSWGs swimmers. Remaining competitive swimmers will be working in a Bronze-like group for 3 times a week.

I wish I could give more meaningful info regarding fees but I have to ascertain interest and employ coaches to cover all eventualities. It becomes a complex mathematical exercise. In the past, it has worked out to approximately $15 per session and we offer 12 sessions. I will try my best to stay within those guidelines. If your child would like to attend only the 3 sessions prior to the Kamloops swim meet, that is also a possibility.

Thank you for your interest in our program.

Coach Carol