EAJ Spring into Finals Meet Information


EAJ Spring Into Finals Meet

Prelims and Finals Format

Meet Timeline

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Meet Letter


Friday, Session 1 4:00PM/5:00PM (All AGES)  No Lane Assignment

Saturday, Session 2 7:00 AM/8:30AM (13&UP)  SAST Warmup Lane - 9

Saturday, Session 3 11:15 AM/12:15PM (12&Under) SAST Warmup Lane - 8

Saturday, Session 4 4:00 PM/5:30PM (ALL AGES FINALS)

Sunday, Session 5 7:00 AM/8:30AM (13&UP)   SAST Warmup Lane - 9

Sunday, Session 6 11:00AM/12:00PM (12&Under) SAST Warmup Lane - 8

Sunday, Session 7 4:00PM/5:00PM (ALL AGES FINALS)

 Please read the important notes below in reference to the meet.


Swimmers will be asked to provide their own Timers for the Friday Evening session, for that reason we will forgo Positive Check-In so that everyone has ample time to communicate their lane assignments to their timer. If you do have a swimmer scratching a Friday event please let the Admin Table Upstairs know by 4:30pm , so that lane can become available to a deck entry swimmer.

Saturday & Sunday

The morning and the finals sessions will be run in an 8-lane format.

The afternoon sessions(12&Under) will be run in a 6-lane format.

  Heat Sheets will be available for Coaches in the admin office upstairs & for Parents to purchase at Concessions for $7.00.


All Cyclone Swimmers need to be at the facility at least 15-30 minutes before our assigned Warm Up Time. We will have our team tents set up on deck.


Each Team will be required to provide (1)
Timer per session. We will be pulling from every AmberJax Family as a Volunteers first but we are running short for both afternoon and evening sessions.



Top (16) qualifiers from prelims (S2 & S5) in each 13-14 & OPEN event will compete in Finals.

Top (16) qualifiers from prelims (S3 & S6) in each 11-12 and Top (8) qualifiers from each 10 & under event will compete in Finals.

Event Order will run oldest to youngest alternating thru the strokes. (I.E. starting with the #9-10 Open 200 Breast, #11-12 followed by 13-14 200 Breast,the we will move to event #29-30 11-12 50 Breast, then 31-32 10 & Under 50 Breast)

Championship “A” Final will swim first followed by “B” Final.

*Meet Management reserves the right to make changes to this format, with notifications to coaches as deemed necessary for unforeseeable circumstances (ex. weather)

Looking forward to great weekend of fast swimming with the Cyclones!

Frank Holleman

Gregory Burgess

Saint Augustine Cyclones