Weekly Reminder: April 15 - 21, 2019


April 15 - 21, 2019

Stroke Development + New Swimmer Family Meeting, Apr-16:  We will have a Stroke Development + New Swimmer Parent Meeting this Tuesday, April 16, from 6:00-7:00p at Niles North, Room 1400.  This will be for the Stroke Development Discovery, Performance, and Reach Groups, as well as families that are new to SWIFT Aquatics that are not familiar with the world of competitive swimming.  Information regarding team events, swim meets, website navigation, volunteerism, etc. will be covered, as well as answer any questions that you may have regarding our team operation. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!!  There will be NO STROKE DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES on Tuesday to accommodate the meeting. 

SWIFT Aquatics Customized Caps:  Interested in a SWIFT Cap with your last name on it? We have opened a small window of time to order SWIFT Aquatics customized caps in our Team Store.  This link will only be open through April 19, so the Swim Team Store can process the order.  As a reminder, these caps will be shipped to SWIFT Aquatics (not your house), and will take 3-4 weeks after the team order is finalized.  

Weekly Practice Schedules : With high school water polo games, pool/programming availability, and other scheduled events, please be sure to double check your swimmer's practice times + locations before leaving for the pool.  While we do our best to be consistent in our programming, adjustments may take place weekly.  This week, there are Niles West Water Polo Games scheduled on Tuesday (@NW), Thursday (@NW), and Saturday (@NNAC).  

Swimmer Safety/Facility Notes:  As we start back up, and have many new faces beginning a new routine, here are just a few quick reminders that we will be reviewing with all groups this week:

  • Niles North Aquatics Center Map (NNAC)  ||  Niles West Pool Map (NW)
  • NNAC-North = 6 Lane Pool, NNAC-South = 8 Lane Pool
  • If your swimmer is under the age of 12, we encourage you to walk your swimmer into the facility.  Each high school is incredibly busy after school with athletic programs, club activities, etc.  We want to make sure your swimmer can access each pool safely.
  • After changing for workout, please bring all clothes/personal items onto the pool deck - this is where it is safest.  We are not responsible for anything lost or stolen in the locker room.   In addition, please familiarize yourself our Locker Room Policy .
  • During practice sessions, we cannot have any parents on the pool deck.  Any questions or concerns can be addressed with the Coaching Staff after practices or communicated via email.
 Up-coming Events  Deadlines
NASA Spring Blast Off April 15  
New Swimmer Parent Meeting                                                   April 16
BDSC May Mania May 4