Important information about the Pike Creek and New Castle locations
Hi Delaware Swim Team families,
There is some very important information to pass along to all families who will use the Pike Creek or New Castle locations at any time for practice.  Beginning tomorrow, April 16, both swimmers and parents/guardians will have to check in at the front desk personnel and be entered into the system.  In the past, parents and swimmers alike had to sign in on paper sheets to enter.  That system of signing in on a paper will be replaced with signing in digitally.
Signing in digitally will require swimmers and parents/guardians alike to have a profile in the fitness center's new check-in system.  For swimmers, the swimmer's name and that they are a DST swimmer will be sufficient for now.  This will be corroborated with an active swimming membership list based on the Delaware Swim Team website.  For parents and guardians, the name, the swimmer's name that they are there with/for, and that they are a DST non-swimmer is all that is needed.  Creating a profile should take 1-2 minutes.  Please make sure to give yourself a few minuts of extra time before practice at Pike Creek or New Castle to have this profile created.  These profiles, regardless of where they were created, will show up at either the New Castle or Pike Creek facility.
Swimmers will receive barcode tags in about two weeks for entry into New Castle of Pike Creek.  This will indicate that they are approved swim team guests of the New Castle and Pike Creek facilities.  Swimmers can scan these barcode tags as they enter; they will not have to provide their name or manually check in if the barcode tag is used.  Parents will not receive barcode tags; this will indicate that they are not actual members (swimmers) of Delaware Swim Team.  Parents will still utilize the DST parent/guardian profile created, after swimmers receive their barcode tags, by giving their name to the front desk personnel.
Before barcode tags are handed out, swimmers and parents alike will need to have the front desk create a profile for them, as mentioned above (name, DST member or parent, etc).  The barcodes on the tags for the swimmers will then be linked to these profiles created before they are distributed.
Once barcode tags are distributed across to all four practice locations, swimmers who have not yet received a barcode tag can still enter by providing their name.  Again, parents and guardians can always give their name at the front desk to create a profile, or have the front desk personnel check them into their profile.
This new policy will apply to all practices taking place while the Pike Creek and New Castle fitness centers are open.  All practice groups, both those normally scheduled at either facility and those who have a practice moved to either facility, will have to check in when the building is open.  For practices that start outside of operating hours, swimmers and parents tentatively do not have to check in at all.
In summary, all people affiliated with Delaware Swim Team will need to check in with the front desk, if the facility is open, when they enter.  This begins tomorrow, April 16.  Swimmers and parents will all have to create digital profiles at the front desk at either location the first time they attend a practice at New Castle or Pike Creek.  In a couple weeks, only swimmers will receive barcode tags to check in, which will be connected to the profile created.  Swimmers can then scan their barcode tags when they enter once they receive the tags.  Parents and guardians can continue to give their name to the front desk, so the digital profile can be utilized.
This system will eventually be easier and safer than the old method of checking in for all users of either fitness center.  The fitness center personnel will be happy to help people when they arrive for practice, and answer any questions.  The fitness center personnel thank you for your cooperation.

Coach Matt