Age Group Championships- Summer 2019

Aloha all,

The summer 2019 long course age group championship meet is rapidly approaching.  Dates are July 18th-21st in Kihei, Maui.  Due to limited vacancy on the island of Maui, we were only able to reserve a block of 10 rooms at the Maui Banyan.  These rooms will be set aside for Junior and Senior athletes who are travelling with the team, along with coaches and chaperones.  All Gold/Silver team members and parents wishing to attend should find other accommodations.  We are asking all Senior/Senior elite members to stay in a team room (3-4 kids a room) and strongly recommending junior group members stay in team room.  We are of the opinion that independent travel helps swimmers become more self-sufficient and self reliant, both great qualities for young people and young athletes!  Staying with the team is optional for Gold group swimmers ages 11 and up.

Here are some reminders:

  1. Swimmers ages 14-under may swim all the events they have a AAA time in and up to 2 bonus events.  Meaning 14-under swimmers who are qualified for the meet will have a minimum of 3 races they swim.
  2. 10-under swimmers swim in Prelims only
  3. 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18 swimmers have both A and B finals and relays in the afternoon sessions
  4. This is our official team championship meet of the summer and we STRONGLY encourage all qualified athletes to attend

Please go to the following link to fill out your travel information including whether or not you plan on attending, will your swimmer be staying in a team room, are you willing to chaperone, etc.  Here is the link:

As far as flights go, prices are very good right now, so we suggest people book sooner rather than later.  As a reminder, relays begin at 2:00 PM on 07/18 and end at 4:30 PM on 07/21.  Here are the flights we are asking folks to book (especially those travelling with the team!):

Preferred Outgoing Flight:

1st choice: HA 146 (7:22-8:02 AM)- Coach Joe will be on this flight

2nd choice: HA 176 (9:22 AM-10:06 AM)- Coach Emma will be on this flight

3rd choice: HA 166 (8:00 AM- 8:43 AM)

Preferred Returning flights:

1st chioce: HA 515 (7:10-7:49 PM)- Coach Joe And Emma

2nd choice: HA 395 (6:30 PM-7:08 PM)

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and Goooo Aulea!

Coach Joe