LC Updates and More

Hello EMAC

It has been a crazy last 6 weeks.  Between preparing for and attending 5 championship meets plus a one-of-a-kind banquet, there is much we need to catch up on.

In this email we will be addressing a few items.

  • 2019 Team Banquet
  • Updates to Long Course Meet Entries
  • Practice Schedule for this Friday
  • College Recruitment Seminar Opportunity

2019 EMAC Team Banquet -    PDF of SLIDE SHOW

I wanted to thank Erin Iacobellis and Cheryl Perose for organizing our team banquet.  Also, shout out to Dave Pappentick for helping to get our slide-show done. 

If you were present, you got to see how much progress EMAC has made and you got to feel the momentum of a team that has been among MA Swimming’s most-improved team for two straight years. 

Thank you to all the swimmers and families who came out to enjoy a great evening celebrating our 2018-2019 accomplishments. 

Click above to see our 2019 Team Banquet slide show that contains our Top-10 Time Drops as well as our awards and recognition.

Updates to Long Course Meet Entries

Below is a list of our LC Meets along with our entry file.  Please review and send any requests to be added to the meets to Coach Doug.  Remember, requests for changes to existing entries need to be made by the athlete in order to promote the development of athlete accountability and to foster a healthy athlete/coach relationship.

GPAC Long Course Derby  (GCIT)                               EMAC Entries (as of 4.17)

  • The GPAC LC Derby is closed to entry changes or additions

All American Memorial Day Classic (F&M)                   EMAC Entries (as of 4.17)

  • We can still add swimmers and/or make changes to this file

LANY (F&M)                                                                      EMAC Entries (as of 4.17)

  • The LANY Meet is closed to entry changes or additions

Long Course Classic (Bucknell)                                      EMAC Entries (as of 4.17)

  • We are able to make changes to this meet file.  As of May 1, we will be locked in to our entries.  

PAAC Firecracker

  • This meet has just been added to our meet page.
  • Do not email Coach Doug about being added to this meet.  You have a deadline of April 29 to commit to the meet.  

PAAC Alloy Alliance Meet

  • Mark your calendar for June 22
  • PAAC may be hosting an Alloy Alliance LC Meet
  • This would be a PERFECT opportunity for our younger, more novice LC swimmers to get a LC opportunity close to home
  • More information will follow on this meet

Practice Schedule For Friday

In case you missed it, Coach Seth sent out an email regarding Friday practice.  The school district originally had Friday open for evening events.  We’ve been informed, though, that the school intends to shut down the campus early on Friday.  We were able to schedule a Killer Bee am workout, but we were unable to reschedule a Bees or Wasps practice. 

College Recruitment Seminar

We were forwarded information on what may be a great opportunity for HS-aged swimmers and their parents.  SJAC is hosting a College Recruitment Seminar in South Jersey.  Click HERE to learn more.

There is more to catch up on, but we will be prioritizing the work that needs to be done to update our entries so that we can maximize our opportunities to compete in LC venues. 


See you at the pool

Coach Doug