Are you able to step up and help our team this summer? Please read!

Hi Killer Whale Swimming & Diving parents,

I'm thinking ahead to our 2019 season and we are looking to fill several committed volunteer roles for our Swim Meets.     Please look over the list and use the 'Contact Us' to volunteer or find out more!

Only the first in the list below applies to diving, the rest are for swimming only.

1. Diving Judge.    We are required to provide 2 (3 home) diving judges at all home and away meets and we are shamefully low for the size of our team.   We depend on a 'retired' dive parent to carry us.     We will train you.  

2. Swim Official - if you are already a YMCA or USA official, you are already qualified.       Otherwise, we WILL train you!.     We are required to provide 2 officials for each meet we host or attend.      Use your eyes and only DQ the infractions you see, champ heats only.     With enough volunteers, you will only work a half meet.   We need you!

3. Grill Master: Lead our awesome grill crew.    You prepare the grocery list for someone else to buy, then set up and take down (Swimsafe can help with your direction), and keep those bratts and burgers coming.      This is a signifant fundraiser for our team!

4. Shopping for Grill & bake sale candy/snacks.      Order and pickup from Sams Club and/or Findley market before each meet and get it all to the pool.    Swimsafe will help unload the car.     We will help you with the list.     You will be reimbursed from the sales at the meet.   Orders can be done in advance so you just pick up and go.

5. Starter: at our home meets (3 this year), start each event, you drive  pace of the meet.     We will train you.      Typically you work the whole meet, but job sharing can be arranged if we have 2 volunteers.

5. Announcer: Announce each of 3 HOME meets including start of meetings, start of events, updates for kids to get ready for the next events, humor to help keep things light and fun.

The following our additional committed positions already filled by our loyal parents:  Deck Referree, Bake Sale coordinator, Computer(2), Volunteer Coordinator at meets, Head official, Head Timer.     If you have interest in backing one of these up, let's talk!