Parent Meeting - Recap


Parent Meeting - Recap

Click here to view a copy of the handout from last week's parent meeting.

The parent meeting was intended for all parents of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum swimmers. If you were unable to attend, please print the above file, as it includes many details not contained in this email. If you did attend, this email contains links to several of the resources mentioned during the meeting, as well as the corrected summer meet schedule.

Code of Conduct 
We reviewed the Swimmer Code of Conduct that is agreed to during team registration, and that will be signed by the athletes. Coach Wes also discussed our Cell Phone/Locker Room policy. This is a USA Swimming Policy, and is intended to protect your athletes. We ask that parents help us to strictly enforce this policy.

Swimmer Nutrition 
We discussed swimmer nutrition, and its role in the training and performance of your athlete: Quality carbohydrates are the best fuel source for swimmers. During training periods, half of all meals should be carbohydrates, 25% should be veggies, and the remaining 25% should consist of lean protein. High protein diets often leave swimmers deficient in carbohydrates. When choosing protein, think quality over quantity. Be sure to avoid high-fat meals before and during workouts/meets. Lean protein and quality carbs should be consumed for recovery. Some recovery superfoods include bananas and cherries. Bananas replace lost electrolytes, and cherries are full of antioxidants for repair.

The most important highlight of this portion of the meeting, however, emphasized what NOT to eat. Please, DO NOT feed your swimmers the following items during important competitions: Candy bars, energy drinks or coffee, sodas, sugar free drinks (sugars are beneficial during a meet, but look for natural ingredients with minimal processing), and fried foods. Additional information on swimmer nutrition can be found on the "Team" drop-down menu of our website, or by clicking here.


Summer Meet Schedule
Next, we reviewed the Summer meet schedule, which is included in the attached file for easy printing to hang on the fridge, or place in your planner (the swim meet nutrition suggestions are printed on the back, for convenient access to meet snack and meal ideas). Upcoming swim meets can also be found on our home page, monthly newsletters, and the "Events" tab of our website.

Included in the summer meet schedule, you will see the upcoming GRPA District meet. In order to attend this meet, you MUST submit a valid copy of your swimmer's birth certificate. We are telling you this in advance so you can go ahead and make sure you have a copy, or have time to order a copy if necessary. The deadline is included in the meet information, and there can be no extensions or exceptions to the deadline.


Goal Setting
Gold and Platinum swimmers will receive the long goal-setting form, which can be filled out online, or printed and returned to the pool. Silver swimmers will receive an abbreviated form.

Bronze swimmers will not receive goal-setting forms, however we encourage parents to set 3 process-oriented goals with their swimmers. Write them down in a goal notebook, and review progress at the end of each month. How many goals did you achieve? Once all goals have been accomplished, set 3 more. Some examples include:

  • I will flip turn off every wall for an entire practice (then an entire week, an entire month, etc)
  • I will breathe on both sides of my freestyle
  • I will do a legal breaststroke kick for an entire practice (then an entire week, an entire month, etc)
  • I will improve my race endurance, i.e., I will swim 50s instead of 25s, 100s instead of 50s, etc.
  • I will swim an entire practice without getting out (then an entire week, an entire month, etc)
  • I will swim the butterfly or IM for the first time at a swim meet
Having goals makes practice fun, because you can achieve something each day. The feeling of success when reaching your goals is also very motivating.

USA Swimming has developed a set of incremental, Motivational Time Standards, which can be useful in helping your swimmer to set attainable race goals. These Time Standards, along with State, Sectional, and National meet standards, can be found on the "Team" drop-down menu on our website.

Setting up Team Text-Messaging
We encourage every family to make sure SMS/text messaging is set up on your account. This is our best form of communication from meet deadline reminders, practice cancellation notifications, and more. Clickhere for instructions on setting this up.
Poll: Summer Practice Schedule Change
Coach Wes would like feedback on changing the summer practice schedule for Silver, Gold, and Platinum practice groups (Bronze and Blue will not change). This change would mean Gold and Platinum would have one longer morning practice, instead of two practices in the morning and afternoon. Silver would continue to have a one-hour practice, but this would be held in the early morning. Gold and Platinum would start between 6:30 and 7:15. Silver would probably start around 8:00. All practices would end by 9:00. This would allow families to have training out of the way early, and their summer afternoons/evenings free for other activities. This should also reduce the number of training days lost due to summer afternoon thunderstorms.

Please complete the poll and let us know your preferences and/or availability.


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