IMPORTANT May 11th meet information

On May 11th is the RUSH swim meet at Circle C. I know that everyone what everyone is thinking: "Is Coach Sam crazy? That is the date of the first Gators swim meet!!!"

Here is why I chose this meet for the RUSH meet in May. 

  1. Every single swim meet in May that RUSH is able to attend will conflict with a Gators or other summer swim team meet. 
  2. May 11th Gators will be swimming against the JCC. Which is one of the smaller swim teams in the league. All other RUSH options conflicted with Gator meets against the biggest teams in the league. I knew that the RUSH swimmers would want to (and be more needed) at the other Gator meets.
  3. This is the ONLY option in May for RUSH swimmers to swim 200 meter and longer races without requiring a qualifying time!!!! All other meets were requiring a "B" time or faster for 200+ races.
  4. This is a ONE DAY MEET FOR ALL AGES! That means you will not have to sit around at UT for 3 days straight if your swimmer is over 11 years old. And, if you have swimmers in both the 10 & Under and 11 & over groups you will not have to spend 2 weekends at UT. 

The meet entry file is now available online and the deadline is coming very very soon!!! Please let me know if you have any questions at all!!! This will be a great meet and we really hope everyone will attend!!!!