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HTAC Update - April 22, 2019

We hope our Trojan families had a Happy Easter and enjoyed the extra-long weekend.  This newsletter is a bit longer than usual – please take a few minutes to read to the end.


  • Competition updates
  • Practice schedule changes (effective week of April 29)
  • Fundraising - Swim a thon and Gift Card Survivor
  • Swim Nova Scotia Board of Directors nominations


Novatech #5

The fifth and final Novatech meet of the regular season was held on April 13 at the Canada Games Centre.  Thank you to our HTAC volunteers who helped make this a successful meet - particularly Coach Mikayla and the Atlantic Silver and Provincial swimmers for their help with marshaling, tracking streamlines and team spirit.

Congratulations to the Trojan Grassroot swimmers who competed.  The improved skills, and speed and distance of our streamlines have our swimmers set up for some fun and fast swimming at Novatech Explosion in Truro next month.

The following swimmers earned their Novatech medals:

Bronze – Brody Hamilton, Nora Setchell, Daniel Chisholm

Silver – Henry Bretzler, Hayden Prime, Emma Abi Daoud

Gold - Catherine Koch, Andrea Wang, Katelyn Walker, Jexra Kilat

Coach Brian also wanted to recognize the top streamliners from each level:

Participation - Sarah McGrath 8/8 streamlines

Level 1 - Ruby Martel 11/14 streamlines

Level 2 - Mandy Tang 9/22 streamlines

And a big congratulations to Taryn Donnelly and Catherine Koch for becoming AA qualified!

2019 Trials and Easterns

Welcome home to the 11 swimmers who returned from competing at the Canadian Trials (Isabelle Dearnaley) and Eastern Canadian Championships (Ethan Boyle, Isabelle Dearnaley, Grace Earle, Teah Forbes, Liam Ferguson, Ashleigh McKenna, Gia Mensah, Hanna Mountford, Will Myrer, Sophie Rooney and Marion Synishin).

The team produced many highlights that incorporated both personal and team goals. Some examples include:

  • 33 new best times
  • Moving up through event ranking positions and contending for second swims in an unfamiliar environment
  • 16 HTAC Top 20 finishes (5 of which Top 10 finishes)
  • Securing National-level final appearances (A & B Finals) - Many of which for the first time at a National Meet
  • Female 4 x 100 Medley Relay Team achieved the Canadian Junior Championship qualifying standard for July 2019 (and just 0.82 away in the 4 x 100 Free Relay)
  • New 2019 Olympic Trials Qualification 

Other results are posted the News section on


Arena AAA AGD #4 – May 4 (hosted by HTAC)

HTAC is hosting the upcoming AAA meet at Dalplex, the final HTAC-hosted meet of the regular season.  This is a two-session meet:

  • Session 1: 8:30am warm-up/9:30am start
  • Session 2: 3:00pm warm-up/4:00pm start

Indicate your swimmer’s intent to participate by registering at by April 23.  Volunteers are needed for canteen, program sales, 50/50 tickets, and hospitality.  As always, volunteer points will apply.  As we approach the end of the season, this meet is a great opportunity to earn any outstanding mandatory volunteer points.

Those interested in these volunteer positions and timing can email Heather Collins, meet manager (  Senior officials should contact Mhiran Faraday, Chair of Officials (

 AA AGD #3 – May 4 & 5 (hosted by WTSC)

Please indicate your intent to participate in this two-day, three session meet by registering on by April 23.  Timers and officials can email Lynn Sitland (please copy

  • Session One: Saturday May 4th 3:00pm for 4:00pm start
  • Session Two: Sunday May 5th 8:00am for 9:00am start
  • Session Three: Sunday May 5th 2:30pm for 3:30pm start

Novatech Explosion – May 11 & 12 (hosted by TCSC)

Watch for more information coming soon.



You may already be aware that we have some upcoming schedule changes that effect several groups for specific weeks in May and June.  These changes start week of April 29. Refer to under the Practice Schedule tab for how these changes affect your swimmer.

These changes are necessary due to swim and diving competitions, special events, public holidays, pool maintenance closures and modifications with respect to long term athlete development.  We’ve also had to make some schedule adjustments due to the impact of Swim Nova Scotia’s Next Gen Performance training.  This program is a provincially funded initiative to help our athletes (and hopefully our next Olympians), as well as our coaches, get together and collaborate in an effort to raise performance levels for HTAC athletes and other swimmers from Nova Scotia clubs. 

We appreciate that any change to routine carries the potential to disrupt your family’s schedule. Should that be the case, we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Every possible effort has been made to keep disruptions to a minimum and all programming decisions have been made for the benefit of the entire club and the individual requirements of your athlete.

Details on the end date of your swimmer’s program are included in the Week-by-Week schedules. Note that July’s practice schedule will be condensed to align with those athletes competing as part of the Maine International Invitational Tour Team in New Brunswick and those attending Canadian Junior Championships in Calgary.

Not always but often, the final practice or competition of the season is dictated by your swimmer’s qualification status for specific meets and that status can change from competition to competition.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please connect with your respective group coach.



2019 Swim a Thon – April 27, Dalplex

The team’s biggest fundraiser finishes this Saturday! Register your swimmer (or go online to make a pledge) at

Our goal is to raise $20,000. Monies raised benefits the whole club. Momentum is building but we need work hard this week to achieve our goal.

For this year’s Swim-A-Thon the club is swimming to the CN Tower - a hefty 1790 km from Dalplex! - over the coming week.  In order for us to be successful and reach the Tower, each group  - from Skills with Phil to our National group - have a designated number of meters to accumulate throughout next week and leading up to Saturday April 27th.
o Skills with Phil: 10,000
o Gamma: 60,000
o Beta: 90,000
o Alpha & Alpha Plus: 80,000
o Provincial: 234,000
o Atlantic Silver: 54,000
o Atlantic White: 480,000
o Atlantic Blue: 375,000
o National: 324,000

Total group amounts are based on the number of available practices, the expectations of the group coaches, the number of swimmers in each group and the idea that an entire team working together and striving towards a single goal can achieve much more than a team of individuals doing their own thing.

By the beginning of Saturday morning we’ll know how many meters the entire membership has accomplished. The final distance will be completed by everyone along with some fun to celebrate our achievement! Swimmers should be on deck between 8 and 8:15am on Saturday.

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

HTAC gift card survivor is back as part of swim a thon. Entries are $15 cash and $15 gift card (summer themed). Immunities are $5 (max of 5 immunities).  Questions? Email

Here's how it works:
Gift Card Survivor theme: Summer FUN. Think road trip, camping, beach, outdoor fun, BBQs, travel, parks, sports. Gift cards could be from Canadian Tire, NSLC, Home Depot, Sport Check, Cleves, MEC, Parks Canada, Museums, Home Sense, Murphys Tours, water / zip line parks, grocery stores, coffee shops, gas, drug stores, spas, etc.

Entry is $15 cash and a $15 gift card. Immunity is $5 (max of 5 immunities).  Names are entered into the draw. If your name is chosen - you're out…unless you have purchased a $5 immunity - then you're back in.

Draws are done until the last three names remain.
o 3rd last name drawn - 20% of the gift cards
o 2nd last name drawn - 30% of the gift cards
o Last name drawn - 50% of the gift cards

The HTAC gift card survivor is open to anyone - bring entries for family, friends, neighbours, co-workers.
Draws will be done live at Dal during Swim a thon at noon on April 27. All money raised goes directly to the club and does not count towards Swim a thon fundraising.

Entries can be dropped off at swim practice drop off/pick up times.Look for the HTAC volunteers near the front doors of pool entrances.



Thanks to all of the families – and swimmers! - who have rolled up their sleeves to help with timing, officiating and attending clinics; parking; volunteering in canteen or hospitality; hosting swim group events and otherwise supporting the team during this season. 

The HTAC Volunteer Requirement Policy can be found on

You can check your overall balance by signing in to your account, go to My Account>MyReports>ServiceHoursForecast

A negative balance indicates a family has earned more than the point requirement.  Typically lead coordinators and the Chair/Co-Chair of Officials submit earned points to the Volunteer Coordinator, who then tracks points in our online system.    If you think there are volunteer points missing, or you have questions about your volunteer point balance, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at


Swim Nova Scotia Board of Director Nominations

Are you interested in contributing to the sport of swimming at a provincial level?  The terms of office for three Directors on the Swim Nova Scotia board expire at the AGM, to be held July 6.  Each position is for a two-year term.  If you are interested in submitting a nomination to June 21. The Nominations Committee will present a list of candidates in advance of the AGM.  Election procedures, nomination guidelines and eligibility are attached.

Trojan nominated for 4th annual Trendsetter Awards

Congratulations to Trojan Emme Morin, who is nominated for a Youth Trendsetter Award.  The Trendsetter Awards, presented by WomenActive-NS, celebrates projects, people and groups who are making a difference for women and girls.  WomenActive-NS’s mission is to advocate, educate, collaborate and promote meaningful active living experiences and leadership opportunities to enrich the lives of all women and girls in Nova Scotia.

Emme trains with Atlantic Silver and is an extremely active athlete!  She uses her many volunteer positions to empower and inspire other girls and females in sport and recreation.  Her volunteer leadership includes being a youth coach with Girls Gone Gazelle, the director of IRACELIKEAGIRL youth team, fundraising through her commitment to GIVETOLIVE events.

The event takes place on Saturday, April 27 from 11:30 to 1:30pm.  More information can be found here

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