Letter of Resignation



Dear Swimmers and Parents,

It has been an honor to be the MAC Head Swim Coach for the last couple of years. I have had so many great experiences and memories working with the best athletes and parents in this aquatic community. Effective Friday April 26, I will be retiring from coaching swimming.  I appreciate all the support the swimmers and parents have displayed to me and my family. I am going to miss this team very much, and I will remain the #1 fan.

Being a head coach takes a large amount of time, energy and passion. At this time in my life, I would like to try different ventures and allow someone else to devote the time and energy this team needs. This has been an incredible hard decision to make, and I am already regretting it! At this time, the Rec Center is putting together a new coaching staff and I am sure they will notify everyone shortly of their decision.

Thank you again for all of your support and dedication over the years.



Coach Dale