Full Stroke: Spring Champ Edition (Part 1, Feb-Mar)


Full Stroke Newsletter - 2019 Spring Championship Edition (Part #1, Feb-Mar)

Well, it has certainly been an extremely busy spring championship season for all. With many championship meets on varying weekends our swimmers worked hard to maintain their training in an attempt to peak at just the right time. We of course experienced obstacles in winter storms and temporary scheduling due to meets and impacts, but our focus always remains on controlling the controllables and managing situations positively. This is easier said than done, though it has been a focal point throughout our season and will remain as such during a swimmer’s career. 

Our spring 2019 championship season began with Central Region “A” Champs (34 attendees) that saw our very own Katelyn Hume with an absolute lights-out performance in her 100 Butterfly, qualifying for her first national level standard in Eastern Canadian Championships, making both the 14 and 15-year-old standard. It was pure excitement watching as Katelyn battled through her second 50 without a doubt in her mind she would achieve a goal set for herself. It’s no easy task, but developing the very same confidence in one’s ability is imperative for success, as well as continued success with all athletes. 
Sam Bereza had an excellent 1500 Freestyle on day one of the meet, winning gold and qualifying for the 15-year-old Canadian Junior Champs cut. Sam also won silver in the 400 Freestyle and 200 Medley. Claire Nykoliation had an Easterns qualifying performance as well, adding to her 50 Freestyle by qualifying in the 100. Excellent swims, ladies. 

Milton’s GTA Skins meet provided an opportunity for some “on-the-bubble” swimmers to qualify for a new meet. Claire not only managed to win the 50 Freestyle, but also qualified for her first Canadian Junior Championships in the process. She finished with gold in the 100 Free, silver in the 50 Fly as well where she qualified in her third Easterns event, and bronze in the 100 Fly. 
Katelyn Hume – Silver in the 100 Fly, Bronze 50 Fly
Asahi Okugawa – Silver in the 100 Breast, Bronze 100 Fly
Heidi Akot – Silver 50 Backstroke
SCAR also had swimmers participating at Ontario Winter Festival this same weekend (13 attendees). Congrats! 

Central Region “B” Champs (35 attendees) followed shortly after with many swimmers having outstanding performances. Scarborough looked exceptionally strong, with Robert Ta leading the team with his Senior Men’s High Point Trophy winning weekend. Robert took home Gold in the 400 IM, 200 & 400 Free, as well as Bronze in the 100 Back. He led by example through the meet, rallying his team with some terrific performances. The following three ladies also brought their absolute “A-game” and it was so much fun watching each of you compete. Great work! 
Anisa Cisse – Gold 200 Breast, Silver 200 IM, Bronze 200 FR and 100 Fly
Heidi Akot – Gold 200 Back, Silver 200 Fly, Bronze 100 Breast
Nadege Wredenhagen – Bronze 200 IM

Next up was Central Region “C” Champs (41 attendees) that saw many of our SCAR swimmers put up more strong performances throughout the meet. Brogan Caldwell led the way with three earned medals, winning the Silver in the 200 Free, as well as Bronze in the 400 Free and 100 Back. Well done to you, and to the large contingent of teammates that represented SCAR at their first championship meet. 

Before the month was out, two SCAR swimmers attended a long course GTA time trial to attempt qualification in an additional event, or an event that they could not otherwise perform due to a schedule conflict. The time trial participants received lots of team support through our ScarSwim Instagram. It was great to see both ladies come out on top, with Olivia Baldwin qualifying for her first Eastern Canadian Champs in the 100 Breaststroke, while Katelyn added to her 100 Fly Easterns cuts by adding the 50 Fly, narrowly breaking 30-seconds LC in the process. 

Late February and early March saw our swimmers suit up for both the Ontario Swimming Championships/OSC and Ontario Youth-Junior Champs/OYJ (22 attendees between the two provincial meets). Our own Asahi Okugawa led the pack with three final performances at OSC and finishing 4thin the 100 and 200 Breaststroke. Asahi fell just shy of the podium and qualifying for his first Canadian Trials standards, though each swim was very strong. Janelle Gursoy took home the Bronze in the 50 Freestyle, which was one of her six final appearances. HP-Gold swimmers also put up some great swims at OYJ with just about everyone receiving second-swims. 

February’s Swimmer of the Month was awarded to Anisa Cisse. Anisa showed throughout the month of February that she was intent on taking that next step forward in her swimming by reaching a new level in consistency in her everyday training. Throughout the month I was pleasantly surprised with many in-workout performances that absolutely allowed her to perform so well as Central Region “B” Champs. Now, with the bar set higher, I’m sure she’s found a new level to improve upon. 

March’s Swimmer of the Month award winner was Sam Bereza. There have been clear goals Sam has set in place for herself, two of which being attaining Canadian Senior and Trials qualifying standards. Throughout the month of March Sam had consistently demonstrated the will to work harder. Each challenge was met with an answer. Failure wasn’t an option for Sam through some gruelling distance workouts. Her determination and professionalism when it comes to working hard is a model example that many of her teammates can learn something from. Absolutely nothing is handed out to any one – it is earned. Sam most certainly earned this monthly award and will only benefit from her attitude towards training moving forward. 

I would like to take this time to congratulate our recent group graduates who have entered new competitive groups, as well as those who have made our competitive team for the very first time. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we’re thrilled to have you a part of our team! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming March-April edition that will include: Swim-a-thon, Super Duper Saturday (short-axis edition), Spring Break, and April meets. 

Best of luck to all as we enter the final stretch of our swim season!

Chris Ellul
Head Coach
Scarborough Swim Club

Hello everyone, 

Championship season in February and March was busy, with many back-to-back meets along with schedule changes. Overall, it was full of amazing races from swimmers across all SCAR groups, and I'm proud of how everyone was showing up ready to race. Most swimmers in Senior Select and Silver competed at between 1-3 meets from late January at A Champs, up until early March at OYJ. 

From the Senior Select and Silver groups, we had the following number of swimmers at each championship meet: 

A Champs: 12 
B Champs: 11 
Festivals: 8
C Champs: 18
OYJ: 12

In addition to these, there are also 3 Ontario Swimming Championships and Eastern Canadian Championships qualifiers in the Silver group. 

It is important to stay composed throughout the season, and not be content with success or too upset by falling short.  Now that we have finished our short course season and set our eyes on long course, swimmers should set specific goals for the remainder of the year and work toward achieving those goals daily. Whether it’s time goals that make new standards, or training goals that will lead to improvement in performance, having something to strive toward daily will help keep everyone motivated and disciplined.  


Swimmer of the Month in the Silver group for February goes to Karim C. Karim has shown high levels of dedication, and has taken his training to new highs. He has also demonstrated the ability to compete at a high level, showing up at Festivals and OYJ and posting fast times at both meets, both short course and long course.

Olivia T. is the Swimmer of the Month in the Senior Select group for the month of February. With increased focus on technique at practice, along with challenging herself daily in workouts, Olivia has come along as one of the leaders within the group!

We are moving toward the final stretch of the season now, and I’m looking forward to seeing more good training from everyone. It’s time to turn the gears and get ready to swim the fastest yet! 

Phil Garcia
Assistant Head Coach
Head Age Group Coach

Hello Families, 

I cannot believe it’s already the end of our short course season. I hope everybody had an excellent March break and is ready for a fresh start as we dive into our long course season.

Thinking back on February it was definitely a busy month for the Bronze and Junior Select groups. We had a number of meets, including championship swim meets, all of which had some excellent performances from both junior and bronze swimmers. Beyond the performances in the water our swimmers continue to impress me with how they conduct themselves on deck at swim meets, with sportsmanship and team spirit.

We had the following swimmers representing our groups at Championship Meets: 

A Champs:  11
B Champs:  9
Festivals:  4
C Champs:  8

As it was Championship season, we recently had a discussion on what it is to be a champion. It was through this discussion that the swimmers established that a true champion is not just a swimmer who wins a race. A champion is a multi-dimensional athlete who conducts themselves in a manner that exemplifies sportsmanship, dedication, leadership, and work ethic. A champion is not just a champion in the water, but a champion at all times. The swimmers were tasked with coming up with two lists to describe their definition of champion. One list was a “what a champion does”, the other list was “what a champion is”. In the column describing what a champion does, the swimmers had written down items such as: “shows up to every practice“, “works hard“, “does what their coach asked them to do“, “supports their teammates“. The criteria they had established was that which every teammate in our group can achieve. 

It is my belief as well, that every member of the Bronze and Junior Select groups can be a champion should they choose to be. But to be a champion is not easy. In fact, it is often described as the path of most resistance. A champion swimmer can never take the easy way out; they must always strive to take on more difficult challenges in order to continuously be better. In essence, you must constantly strive to surpass your best in order to achieve consistent bests in swimming. Yes, they must swim fast, but as I’ve found myself saying a number of times recently, a champion swimmer also must train and swim smart. 

I love the saying, “In order to achieve what others don’t, you have to be willing to do what others won’t”. It is very easy to let small opportunities pass by. We can choose to sleep through some early morning workouts. We can choose to “take it easy” on sets. Or we can simply not maintain focus and socialize instead. These small choices are missed opportunities, and as I tell the swimmers, “ an opportunity missed is an opportunity you cannot make up”. So moving forward into this season, encourage your athletes to not miss an opportunity, take the path of most resistance, and take the path of champions. 

I am excited to get into the start of our long course season, if the swimming that I saw over on March break camp was any indication; we are in for some pretty exceptional swimming.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new families and swimmers joining the Bronze and Junior Select groups. We are excited to have some new blood in our groups!

This months swimmers of the month: 

JR: Cameron Ashby - Cameron has been working exceptionally hard as of late and made some significant improvements both in and out of the pool, and at competitions and in practice. Well done Cameron, 

Bronze: Claire Biblow - Claire has been working exceptionally diligently lately both generally and technically. She has been an embodyment of commitment and it is no doubt why her team mates voted her team captain. 

Kristyn Steinke
Age Group Coach
SCAR Swim Academy Coordinator

Hello all,

We’ve had another great month of swimming with a lot of meets and a lot of big swims. Over the past little while at practice we have been focusing on making sure that we are consistent with how we want to practice as this will translate over to our swim meets and for our future. One thing specific we have been working on is always utilizing our underwater dolphin kicks. Keeping a consistent 3+3 (3 metre glide and 3 dolphin kicks) at every wall will make it much easier for us to be able to use them at a swim meet and beat our competitors at every wall. 

Another thing we have been working on is being able to finish our races with our head down; so practicing every last 5 meters of the end of each set of swims will help us be able to finish with our full speed going into each finish.

Congrats to everyone, and those Development swimmers from both our A & B groups who represented the Scarborough Swim Club at the recent Central Region Championship meets. 

Our swimmer of the month this month is going to Izabella. Iz has shown a great level of focus and dedication all month and has seen some drastic improvements and both practice and swim meets. Great work Iz!

Patrick Garcia
Development A Coach