Shrimp Parade and other TFS Updates !!

Stingray families,

The Shrimp Fest parade is coming!  We are excited!!!  There are many important details in this message so be sure to read through the entire message.
First, there are a few non-parade items we need to communicate:
  • We are going to order caps this week.  If your swimmer would like a name other than their last name printed on their swim cap, please email us at with your request.  All requests need to be emailed by 9 am Monday morning 4/29.
  • If you have not done so already, please order your team swim suit.  If you need to still try on suits for sizing, send us an email to arrange an appointment to try on suits as team office hours are based on availability going forward. 
  • Team T-shirts for all registered swimmers have been ordered.  Shirts should arrive prior to Shrimp Fest and we will hand them out during practice and at the parade.   


  • The parade is next Thursday, May 2nd.  Be at Central Park at 5:30 pm.  Parade starts at 6 pm.
  • We are #58.
  • All parents, siblings and swimmers are invited to participate in the parade with us! All participating need to wear team T-shirts (either new or past) or team colors (royal blue, lime green, or white). We encourage girls to wear grass skirts (over shorts) and boys to wear board shorts with their team T-shirts.  
  • The theme for this year's parade is "Rockin' Roll Shrimp."  If you have props you can donate or let us borrow related to our float theme, "Rockin' Stingrays," please bring them to the pool office during practice between now and next Wednesday. Blow up instruments would be awesome!  Any prop you can lend that is related to our  Rockin' Stingrays theme is appreciated.  
  • Next Wednesday, May 1, we will be decorating our float in the pool parking lot.  Parents - please come help us during practice! 
  • WE NEED CANDY! Please donate candy. The more the better. We run out every year. Feel free to drop off bags of candy at the pool office or just bring with you to the float on parade day. Please be sure that it is not chocolate, or anything else that will melt (these are parade rules).
  • We will have limited space for children to ride on the float. First priority will go to coach's' and board member's children, then others. The majority of children and parents will be asked to walk in the parade and hand out candy.
  • Elementary school children (and younger) MUST have a parent or guardian accompany them in the parade. Only middle school and high school kids can be "dropped off" and allowed to walk by themselves.  Strollers and wagons are highly encouraged. And feel free to decorate them!
  • If you are dropping off your middle schooler or high-schooler, please claim them ASAP once we return to the staging area. We love your kids but please don't make coaches and other parents wait with your child to be picked up once we are finished with the parade.
  • If you and/or your swimmer(s) are walking and handing out candy, please bring a bag, bucket or basket to carry the candy in. And, please bring extra candy! 
  • NO THROWING CANDY!! This is a major parade rule and will get us disqualified from future parades. Candy must be handed out along the parade route.
  • We need at least 2 Dads to volunteer to be "spotters."  The spotters will each walk along side the float to ensure a clear path.  Safety is our #1 priority - we need spotters to help us stay safe!  Email us at to let us know if you are a dad who can be a spotter.    

There will be no practice the night of the Shrimp Festival Parade, Thursday May 2nd.  Please come join us at the parade and show your Stingray pride!  GO STINGRAYS!!!!