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2018/19 SCY Season Highlights

Congratulations on an amazing season at CMA!

With all the Championship meets being concluded and with that, the completion of the 2018/19 Short Course season, I have compiled all of the highlights of the CMA season. As you know, we have various focus meets during the season and our entire season training plan is devised around achieving peak performance at those competitions.

Join me as we celebrate our athletes' performances this season.

2018 Speedo Junior Nationals – Greensboro, North Carolina

*7 out of 8 best times for the meet
*2 State records and 5 team records
*Caroline Mahoney going under 24. for the first time with a best time swim of 23.89
*Olivia Tighe dropping 3 secs to go 2:05 in the 200IM with a new team record
*Caroline Mahoney going a 51. In the 100 free
*Olivia Tighe going under 1:50 for the first time in the 200 free with a 1:49.4 State & Team record 
*Caroline Mahoney with a huge drop and team record in the 200 Back for a PB of 2:01.2
*Olivia Tighe almost going 49. and placing 17th with a 50.04 PB, State record and team record in the 100 free

2018 BASA Bowdoin Open – Brunswick, Maine

*Ian Connelly and Phoebe Evans had best times in 3/5 of their events
*Shyla McVeigh dropped 6.67 in her 100 BR
*Eric Parker achieved PB's in 6 events
*Spencer Shaw dropped 11.8 secs in his 100 Fly
*Eric Parker Improved almost 6 secs in the 100 Fly 
*Phoebe Evans going a 9sec best time in the 100 Back 
*Ethan Smith’s first Sectionals cuts in the 100 & 200 Fly 
*Margi Jones dropping 8 secs in the 200 free almost breaking the 2min barrier
*Gavin Mcleod improving 4 secs and going under 1:50 in the 200 free
*Calvin Comeau going under the 2min barrier for the first time in the 200 free
*Rishi Yadav going a 6 sec best time to make finals in the 200 Breast
*Calvin Comeau breaking 1min in the 100 Fly 
*Kiley Matthews going 26. In the 50 free
*Julia Olsen going under 30. for the first time in the 50 free
*Finn Davis’ 25.6 in the 50 free
*Lyla Metcalf dropping 25 secs in the mile
*Gavin Mcleod missing a sectionals cut by a hair with a 28sec best time in the mile
*Ethan Smith winning a swim-off in the 50 free by a huge margin with a 1.1 sec best time
*Lulu Esch Levanos dropping 8 secs in the 200IM
*Hope Campbell, Margi Jones & Kiley Matthews with huge PB swims in the 100 free
*Finn Davis going from 56. down to 54. in the 100 free
*Caroline Arpin’s strong PB swim in the B final of the 200 Fly 
*Ethan Smith’s 200 Fly where he dropped 2 secs to go under 2:00 for the first time
*Rishi Yadav going from 1:10 down to 1:08 in the 100 Breast 
*Emma Frothingham’s strong PB Swim in the 200IM
*Emma Frothingham’s 58.7 split in the 400 free relay
*Cookie Mahoney going from a 2:09 to a 2:06 in the 200 free
*Lucy Shaw dropping 4 secs in the 200 free
*Ally Maksimova’s 9 sec best time in the 100 Breast
*Shyla McVeigh dropping 6 secs in the 100 Breast 
*Mia Frost swimming a 4 sec PB in the 100 Breast 
*Lucy Shaw going under 30. for the first time in the 50 Fly 
*Jack McCormick improving by 2 secs in the 50 Fly
*Cookie Mahoney placing 3rd overall with a PB in the 100IM

2019 MESI Winter Championships – Orono, Maine

*CMA scoring 650 more points than in 2018
*CMA placed High Point winners in every category available
*The overall team spirit was amazing!
*The excitement of our 11-12 Girls Relays
*Ali Maksimova qualifying for the TYR International Age Group meet in the 100 Back
*Ali Maksimova winning the 100 IM 
*Mimi Esch Levanos securing a spot to swim in the finals
*Autumn Tamir, Lulu Esch Levanos & Sage Evans dropping massive amounts of time in the 500 Free
*Lucy Shaw winning the 100 IM from an outside lane
*The Girls 11-12 400 Free Relay coming in 4th from an outside lane
*Patsy Ciampi going 20:11 in the mile in a best time
*Lyla Metcalf’s 5 sec drops in both the mile and the 1000 free
*Julia Olsen going under 6 min for the first time with a 5:57 in the 500 free
*Calvin Comeau going from a 1:57 to a 1:53 in the 200 free
*Emma Frothingham posting a 1:14.2 in the 100 Breast
*Brim Peabody winning the 100 breast with a new PB
*Caroline Arpin & Margi Jones went 1-2 in the 200 Fly
*Brim Peabody dropping 5 secs in the 200 fly to win the B Final
*Ethan Smith’s 18 sec PB in the 400IM
*Seeing Caroline Mahoney, Caroline Arpin & Olivia Tighe in the top 8 of their High Point category
*Brim Peabody & Gavin Mcleod going 1-2 in the 1650 free
*Gavin Mcleod qualifying for Sectionals in the 200 Fly 
*Bella Eremita going 1:06 in the 100 Back
*Ethan Smith winning the 100 & 200 Fly with a 4 sec drop in the 200 Fly
*Olivia Tighe, Caroline Mahoney & Hope Campbell all in the A Final of the 50 Free & 100 Free
*Kiley Matthews’ great swim in the 100 Freestyle
*Olivia Tighe & Caroline Mahoney going 1-2 in the 100 Free
*Jack McCormick’s 100 Free dropping 5 seconds & almost breaking 1:00 for the first time
*Calvin Comeau’s 18 sec PB in the 500 free
*Maddy McCormick making both breaststroke Finals, crushing her IM time and winning her heat
*Cam Branch & Nolan Green qualifying for their first Championship meet
*Jack McCormick getting a best 100IM time and moving up in the overall placings 
*Bella Eremita dropping 4 secs in the 200 Back
*Patsy Ciampi swimming a 4.5 sec PB in the 200 Back
*Caden Gilbert posting a 3 sec PB in the 200 Back
*Finn Davis making the 200 Back Final with an awesome Prelim Swim 
*Emma Frothingham improving by 5.6 secs in the 500 free
*Julia Olsen dropping 30 secs in the 1000 free
*Brim Peabody being voted in as a MESI Athlete Rep and replacing graduating teammate Olivia Tighe, thereby ensuring that CMA is represented at the LSC Level


2019 Speedo Eastern Zone Sectionals – Ithaca, New York

*CMA qualifying 6 Swimmers for Sectionals
*2 of those athletes were first time qualifiers
*CMA placing 22nd overall out of 70 teams
*CMA breaking 3 state records and 4 team records
*Olivia Tighe becoming the 1st MESI (Maine Swimming) Female to break 50 secs in the 100 free
*The strong team bond and awesome attitudes displayed by the Sectionals team
*Ethan Smith breaking a 9-year old team record with his opening swim in the 100 Fly and then re-breaking that record during finals
*Olivia Tighe placing 3rd overall in the 200 free with a new State Record & CMA team record and almost going 1:48
*Ethan Smith’s 5sec drop in the 200 free
*Caroline Mahoney’s strong 4th place swim in the A final of the 100 Back 
*Brim Peabody’s 3rd place comeback swim in the D final of the 500 free
*Ethan Smith breaking a 25-year old Maine State Record in the 200 Fly and missing a Speedo Futures cut by .01sec
*Caroline Mahoney making the A-final of the 50 free and placing 7th
*Olivia Tighe’s comeback swim to win the B-final of the 50 free
*Caroline Mahoney making the 2 finals, the 200 Back and 100 Free, on the final day
*An emotional Olivia Tighe breaking 50sec for the first time in the 100 free A-final. She placed 2nd overall and was beaten by a US National Team Member. Her time of 49.87 broke the State record and team record

2019 ISCA TYR International Age Group Showcase Classic – Tampa, Florida

*CMA Qualifying 4 swimmers for the meet. Cookie Mahoney, Lucy Shaw, Hope Taylor & Ally Maksimova
*4 out of 5 best times on the opening day of the meet
*Hope Taylor placing 7th overall in the 500 free by winning her heat with a 15 sec drop
*Lucy Shaw going 27. and winning an exhilarating swim off for a spot in the final of the 50 Fly 
*Lucy Shaw dropping 1.5 secs on her 50 Fly to go from 29. down to 27. and placing 10th overall
*Hope Taylor’s 3.5 sec PB Swim in the 200IM
*After being very sick, Cookie Mahoney’s PB Swim in the 200 Back 
*Lucy Shaw almost going 56. In the 100 free with a 57.01 PB
*Hope Taylor’s perfect splits in the 200 Breast with a 2.3 sec time drop

2018/19 CMA Collegiate Swimming Signings

*Olivia Tighe – Duke University
*Hope Campbell – Wheaton College
*Patsy Ciampi – Keene State
*Milo Cooke-Sharp – Maine Maritime Academy

Congratulations to all of our swimmers on a great season at CMA!