Sunrise IMX/IMR Meet Information

Sunrise IMX/IMR
May 3rd-5th
Sunrise Civic Center
10610 West Oakland Park Blvd

PST Entries

Friday (3rd): Events: 1-6,  Warm Ups: 4:30pm, Meet Start: 5:30 pm

Saturday (4th): Events: 7-18, Warm-Ups: 7:30 am, Meet Start: 9:00 am

Sunday (5th): Events: 19-30, Warm-Ups: 7:30 am, Meet Start: 9:00 am

***Athletes and Parents: Please remember to have plenty of dry and warm clothes for the day. We start earlier in the morning and it may be slightly chilly when the meet begins. Swimmers should have shoes on their feet at all times they are out of the water. Please make sure that you pack healthy snacks to give your bodies fuel for the meet! We look forward to our first long course meet of the season! GO PIRANHAS!