JDI Meet Reminders

Dear Parents,

You are receiving this email since you are attending the Jessica Deglau Meet. Meet management has sent out some reminders re the swim meet.  

Please find below: 

-Please reminder your swimmers and families that DECK CHAIRS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON DECK AT UBC. The lifeguards will be on the look out for this and will ask your swimmers to remove them from the deck if they see them.

-Please reminder your swimmers to bring deck shoes with them to wear on deck. Again, UBC has been cracking down on outdoor shoes on deck and will be reminding swimmers to remove their shoes when entering the pool.

· No food is allowed on deck, swimmers will need to eat off deck or in between sessions

Swimmers and Coaches will not be allowed on the pool deck on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MORNING UNTIL 7:15AM. When you arrive at the pool on Saturday morning, please check in at the VPSC deck in the lobby of the pool. We will have Welcome Packages available for each club which will include the WRIST BANDS that your swimmers will need to enter and exit the pool all weekend. A few notes regarding the WRISTBANDS:

-Wristbands should be put on their BAG or WATERBOTTLE, and not worn on their wrist.

-Please make sure that the tabs that come off the wristbands end up in the garbage, as they will cause a huge issue if they end up in the pool and the filtration system.

-Swimmers will be allowed on deck without a wristband until 8AM on SATURDAY, after that point they will need to have a wristband to exit and enter the pool deck.

- No swimmers are allowed to use the Recreation or Leisure Pool, or Hot Tub during the meet. If they would like to use the other facilities at the end of the session, they will have to purchase a wristband at the front desk.

-We are still looking for volunteers for throughout the weekend, especially TIMERS FOR THE FINALS SESSIONS. If you could send out an ask to your families that would be greatly appreciated. They can email me at We are also looking for a few Stroke and Turn throughout the weekend as well!

Thank you

L&A OSC Staff