CCAC Update - 4/26/19

Reminder:  No practices tonight or Saturday due to the Arena Long Course Invitational.

Coupon Cards

We have been asked to sell 100 coupon cards to buy equipment for the weight room.  We need EVERYONE to pitch in and sell a few.  DHS doesn't ask much from us, so when they ask we need to answer!  All of our swimmers currently (or will in the future) benefit  from access to this weight room.  It is better than many college facilities!  Almost no swim clubs have access to a weight room like we do.  Please get some coupon books from Jason and sell them.  They also include online coupons for locations all around the US.  "I don't live in Dalton is not a good excuse." Jason will have the books at the meet this weekend and at the pool next week.   We need the money back by next Friday.  Each book is $20.  Checks can be made payable to Carpet Capital Aquatics Club. Let's show DPS how much we value their support of our program!

Dalton Dolphins 

Please share our recruitment posts on Facebook!  Those posts were our most effective marketing tool last summer.  

The team suit fitting has been rescheduled to May 7th 5:30-7:00 PM at DHS.  You are not required to purchase a team suit.  If you plan on buying a tech suit later in the summer, you can get a BIG discount if you purchase a team suit.  Also, there has been a rule change in the CASL.  Swimmers will no longer be able to wear suits with their High School or USA Team logos on them.  The suits can be generic or Dalton Dolphins suits.