Lake Erie Awards Banquet

Lake Erie Swimming Awards Banquet

Congratulations to GLSS on a great showing at the LESI Awards Banquet.  Below is a list of individual and team awards for the 2018-2019 Season.


Age Group Swimmer of the Year

Girls: Beatrice S

Boys: Ben D


IMX Winners:

Alice S- 3rd SCY, 2ND LCM

Jake M- 1st SCY & LCM

Evan R- 2nd SCY& 1st LCM

Beatrice S- 1st SCY & LCM

Ben D- 2nd SCY & 1st LCM

Alex C- 3rd SCY & LCM

Meredith S- 1st SCY & LCM

Darby M- 3rd SCY & LCM

Kaley R- 3rd SCY 

Jessica E- 1st SCY & LCM

Sydney B- 3rd SCY

Ellie M- 2nd LCM

Cristian W- 2nd LCM

Tyler H-1st SCY & LCM

Alex P- 2nd LCM

Nicolas T- 1st LCM


Merit Award: Danielle G


LESI Records: Ben D,Tyler H, Jessica E, Alex P, Evan R and Alex C


Scholastic All-Americans: Tyler H and Alex P


2018-19 National Top 10: Ben D


All Time National Top 10: Ben D


Open Water Zone Team: Alex P and Nicolas T


Zone Team: Alex C, Ben D, Gracie D, Jessica E, Olivia M, Madi M, Claire M, Lilly M, Darby M, Elizabeth M, Kylee R, Kaley R, Evan R, Beatrice S, Meredith S and Christian W


Mid State Team: Alex C, Michael C, Ben D, Olivia M,Evan R Beatrice S and Meredith S 


JR National Participants: Alex P. Jessica E and Tyler H


NCSA Championship Participants: Nathan H


LESI All Stars: Ben D, Jessica E, Tyler H, Alex P, Evan R, Kaley R, Claire M, Darby M, Beatrice S and Christian W


Club Service Award- 2nd place


Virtual Club Championships

Short Course- 2nd place

Long Course -3rd Place